Pope urges mothers to stop ironing their boys’ shirts

Pope Francis has urged mothers to stop ironing their son’s shirts and to encourage them to get married, reported Somerset Live. Speaking during a service to mark the end of the 10th World Meeting of Families, the head of the Roman Catholic Church also told adult men not to “take the easy road” and return to their mothers in “moments of difficulty”. Instead, he added, they should “move ahead with this courageous gamble”.

Eton boys under fire for chant

Pupils at Eton have made headlines for chanting “we’ve got more prime ministers than you” during a cricket match with Harrow, a rival public school. Harrow won on the pitch as the two leading schools met at Lord’s Cricket Ground for potentially the last time after the Marylebone Cricket Club announced the end of two centuries of annual cricketing tradition. Eton has produced 20 prime ministers compared with Harrow’s seven, noted The Telegraph.

Airline to rent bunk bed space

Air New Zealand is to allow economy passengers to lie down in “skynests”: communal, bunk bed-style sleeping pods in the economy section of its planes. In a move that the airline says will be a world first, economy passengers will still buy seats on flights but they will also be able to book four-hour sessions in the pods at an additional cost, explained The Guardian. The pods will feature a mattress and sheets which will be changed by cabin crew members after each booking. The “skynests” will be stacked on top of each other.


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