How to Find Budget-Friendly Energy Plans in SA

How to Find Budget-Friendly Energy Plans in SA

Stats show that electricity usage in SA has increased by 13% since 2018. If your energy bills are unusually high, you may be trying to find effective ways to minimise them. Budget-friendly energy plans offer several benefits. However, some of these plans are less energy-efficient than standard plans. Before you choose an energy plan, check if the per-kWh cost of energy is low.

If you have a home office setup or work from home, your energy usage requirements are bound to be high. You may consider finding energy distributors who offer peak usage discounts and other rewards to minimise costs in this circumstance.

Use websites that allow you to compare energy providers SA to find the best plans in your location based on your requirements. Also, discuss your energy usage requirements with your service provider and see if you can find a plan that meets all your requirements.

Here are a few tips to help you find a budget-friendly energy plan in SA.

Understand Your Electricity Bill

Analyse electricity bills for the past 12 months to know why your energy costs are higher. For example, if you recently added air conditioners or other appliances to your home, then the use of these appliances may cause your bills to rise. 

Conversely, you may also consider shifting to a cheaper electricity plan if your energy requirements are lower than in the past (for example, if there are fewer people in your house now). Your electricity bill will contain details of usage charges and supply charges. 

Compare the basic charges with the government reference price to know if they are excessive. It is also recommended you use a smart metre to monitor your energy usage. The most important thing to check on your energy bill is your tariff rates. Find out if you are on a single rate, time-of-use, controlled load, or demand tariff.

Analyse Different Plans

Read the plan fine print in detail if possible. Check if the plan contains any hidden costs or if the supplier charges exit fees for the early termination of the contract. Market rate contracts are flexible and usually contain no exit fees. 

However, your energy supplier can change the terms and conditions without prior approval from your end. Peak hours for energy usage in SA are from 6 AM to 10 AM, and off-peak hours are between 10 AM and 3 PM. So consider these aspects while choosing a plan.

Discounts and Benefits

Look for special discounts like bundling discounts when choosing electricity or gas plans. For instance, if your energy provider also offers internet services, the provider may let you combine two or more of those services for lower rates. 

Additionally, you may also check for other discounts and concessions like the SACEDO, which guarantees a 21% discount on energy usage and supply charges. However, you will have to change your retailer to be eligible for this discount.

Final Thoughts

Besides helping you save on energy bills, cheap electricity plans also minimise your energy usage. Over 20 different energy providers offer services in SA. Compare energy providers in SA before finalising a plan. Contact your current energy provider to find out if they can match your current requirements.

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