How You Can Figure Out Your Solar Panel Requirements for Your UK Property

How You Can Figure Out Your Solar Panel Requirements for Your UK Property

Solar panel installations have increasingly been in high demand, and it’s no surprise considering how efficient solar panel systems have become. The solar panel system is one of the best investments you could ever make for your property, especially since you can also take advantage of schemes that allow you to sell whatever excess power you have back to the national grid.

But if you would like to maximise your solar panel system, you should choose the right solar panels – including the correct number of solar panels for your home. So how can you figure out your solar panel requirements for your UK property? Here’s your ultimate guide.

The Main Factors to Consider

First, consider the three main factors: your average consumption each day, the hours of sunlight in your region, and the size of your roof. When it comes to your average energy consumption per day, find out the total kWh or kilowatt-hours you use. The hours of sunlight you have in your area will also help you determine the number of panels you would need, and the size of your roof is another major consideration because it will affect the number of panels you can fit on your rooftop. Finally, there’s another factor related to the size of your roof: the suitability of your roof, so make sure it can support the added weight of the panels.

Panels for Each System Size

To give you a better idea: for a 3kW system, you may need about 12 panels and a roof size of approximately 19 sq. metres. For a 4kW system, you may require 16 panels with a roof surface area of roughly 25.7 sq. metres. If you opt for a 5kW array, you need 20 panels, which requires about 32 sq. metres of roof surface.

The Size that’s Best for Your Property

You have to think about the number of people residing in your household because this will also tell you which system size works best, as reputable solar panel installers like will confirm. For example, if your home consists of five individuals, you may need a 6kW size system. If there are four individuals in your home, a 5kW system may be ideal. 4kW systems, meanwhile, are suitable for three to four individuals, and it is the most commonly chosen size for many homes.

The number of panels you require will also depend on the size of your installation and the actual size of the panels you purchase. For instance, if you choose a 3kW system with 250W solar panels, you would need 12 of those panels. A bigger 6kW system would require an estimated 24 panels.

The Type of Panels You Can Install

Your system’s efficiency will also depend on the type of panels you install, and some have a more efficient performance than others. For instance, you can choose monocrystalline panels, which have an efficiency rating of 15 to 20 per cent, and they don’t require as much space compared to polycrystalline panels. Mono solar panels are not as affected by the weather, either. Polycrystalline panels have an efficiency rating of 13 to 17 per cent, and they are less expensive than mono panels, but they can be sensitive to higher temperatures.

It’s always best to discuss your options with your chosen installer; they should be able to recommend the best system for your requirements.

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