All You Need to Know About the UK’s EV Charge Points

All You Need to Know About the UK’s EV Charge Points

The number of electric vehicles on the roads is rising rapidly with motorists making the switch ahead of the 2030 ban on the sale of petrol and diesel. Many motorists are switching now as a way to reduce their environmental impact, save money over the long term and because there are now so many excellent models available. Of course, this means that there is a greater need for charging points around the UK and you might be surprised at how quickly the infrastructure is growing.

A Rapidly Growing Network

Currently, there are over 42,000 charge point connectors in the UK across 15,500 locations – this means that there are more places to charge your electric car than there are petrol stations. This number is constantly growing too, which means that it should not be too hard to find somewhere to charge your electric car whether this is a supermarket, shopping centre or public car park. Additionally, many of these places are free to use although sometimes there will be restrictions in place.

Charging Times

Of course, one of the drawbacks of charging an electric car is that it takes a lot longer than filling up the tank with petrol. How long it takes to charge will depend on the battery size, how many miles you do between charges and the power rating of the charger. A slow charger (up to 3kW) takes between 8-10 hours and is usually used at home or at work. A fast charger is rated at either 7kW or 22kW and usually takes around 3 to 4 hours – these are the types that you often see in supermarket car parks. There are then rapid chargers rated from 43kW that can take as little as 30 to 60 minutes and are often found at service stations and supermarkets.

Making the Switch

For those that have off-road parking, charging is less of an issue as you can use a home charger that you can plug into the mains. It is a bit more complex for those that do not have off-road parking and you will need to think ahead when it comes to charging. Many people are tempted by the idea of an EV but may be put off by the high prices and committing to a new type of vehicle. For these people, arranging a lease deal on an electric car could be a good option as it should be cheaper and is less of a commitment.

It is amazing how quickly the charging infrastructure in the UK is growing and this is another reason why now is a good time to make the switch. Motorists can reduce their environmental impact while also making long term savings, plus there are now many excellent vehicles available with batteries that make range anxiety even less of an issue.

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