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George Clooney thought terrifying motorbike crash was 'last minute of my life'

George Clooney, 60, spoke about his motorbike accident he experienced in 2018, saying he thought his time was up. The actor was rushed to a hospital while filming Catch-22 in Sardinia. 

He said that the crash happened when a Mercedes turned into him from the front and was thrown from his bike into the windscreen. 

The actor has now said he was “waiting for my switch to turn off” and admitted thinking at one point that he was in the “last minute of his life”.

George, while he was on the ground, realised a crowd was gathering and people were filming him on their phones. 

He told the Sunday Times: “If you’re in the public eye, what you realise when you’re on the ground thinking it’s the last minute of your life is that, for some people, it’s just going to be entertainment for their Facebook page.”

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“Look, we have to rethink how we’re doing our lives.”

George then explained how the couple have had to reassess the frequency of their work life.

The actor also opened up about growing older and his health.

He added: “60 is a number but I’ve done all the physicals, knock on wood, in good shape.”



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