World's first vertical cable car opens in Brighton – here's what it's really like to ride

“We’re so far up in the air that even the seagulls don’t seem to venture this high. 

“It’s completely safe, of course: I’m clipped securely to a steel rail by a thick cable as I walk right around the circumference of the tower, following an instructor who points out the various landmarks which look tiny from up here.

“I could have been even more insane and chosen one of the other experiences available: dropping down on a rope from up here all the way to the ground, or climbing to the very top of the 162-metre tall tower on ladders mounted inside the central shaft. 

“But that’s only four metres wide – when it opened back in 2016 it entered the Guinness Book of Records as ‘the world’s most slender tower’ – and I’m not that slender myself anymore so didn’t fancy getting stuck inside.” 


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