Wimbledon 2021 LIVE RESULTS: Novak Djokovic vs Kevin Anderson LATEST, Murray up next, Serena Williams injury latest


Baseline rallies all seem to fall Djokovic’s way, as Anderson finds the net in point one doing exactly that.

The next one is a shorter rally but Anderson still goes wide with a forehand, cross court.

Anderson then is on the front foot at the net of the next exchange but picks the wrong shot option at the net, allowing Djokovic to send a passing shot down his forehand side.

He gets a point on the board with a great backhand down the line that Djokovic doesn’t attempt, before he hits his first double fault.

On the opposite end of the scale, he takes the game with an immaculate, backhand drop shot from the baseline that Anderson sprints for but gets nowhere near. Excellent stuff.


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