Where is hot in March? Top holiday destinations for winter sun in 2020

AFTER the festive period is over, it’s always nice to have something to look forward to – so why not book a holiday in the sunshine?

We’ve rounded up the best winter sun get aways for March 2020.

 Cuba, Barbados and Tenerife are all popular for sun seekers in Spring


Cuba, Barbados and Tenerife are all popular for sun seekers in SpringCredit: Getty – Contributor

Tenerife: 22.3C

Visitors to this beautiful coast can expect glorious weather all year round, but for those who aren’t a fan of scorching summer temperatures, March is ideal.

Southern Tenerife resorts such as Playa de Las Americas and Los Gigantes see temperatures creeping up into the 20s during March with an average of a lovely 22.3 ºC.

Depending on how close you are to the coast, the cool winds and light breezes make temperatures feel much cooler.

The southern side of the island often dodges the rain but for the rest of the island it’s considerably higher.

Las Vegas: 21.6C

With average temperatures of 21C, spring in the entertainment capital of the world is an ideal get away.

Daily sunshine increases to an average of 10 hours a day during the month of March whilst rainfall averages only 11 mm.

The dry, desert climate means that chances and total averages of rainfall across the year remain relatively low.

 March is an ideal time to have a get away for people who don't like it too much


March is an ideal time to have a get away for people who don’t like it too muchCredit: Getty – Contributor

Cuba: 27.5C

If you want a decent tan then head to the Caribbean Island of Cuba should do the trick. March is actually one of the best months to visit – offering travellers warm, comfortable weather.

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There are plenty of sunshine hours and rainfall is low, but if it does rain it is likely to be torrential – so pack a mac!

Barbados: 29.7C

March falls in Barbados’ peak tourist season so warm, sunny weather can be expected. The humidity is also pretty low at that time of year and the northeast trade winds provide sunbathers with a cool breeze, making it a comfortable heat.

Dominican Republic: 29.3C

Part of the Dominican Republic’s dry season, March experiences some of the countries peaks in tourism. Days are long, hot and sunny with around 8 daily sunshine hours, average maximums of 29.3 ºC and minimal cloud cover – sounds like the dream!


Other hot spots include:

  • Cancun (34.2 °C)
  • Phuket (33.3 °C)
  • Cape Verde (25.7 °C)
  • Fuerteventura (22.5 °C)
  • Hurghada (21.9 °C)


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