What to Expect When Travelling First Class on a Train

What to Expect When Travelling First Class on a Train

The UK’s rail network is next level. You can catch a train to almost any town in the country, from the Scottish Highlands to Cornwall. You can even get a first-class ticket to enjoy your journey in style. First-class passengers can access reclining seats, complimentary drinks and much more. Treat yourself to an extra layer of luxury on your next journey. 

Here are few things you can expect to see with a first-class train ticket.

The Best Seats

The first-class carriage has the best seats on the train. They are often wider seats with more leg and elbow room. You can sit back, relax and stretch out your feet without encountering another passengers legs. If you’re feeling extra fancy, you can splash out on a recliner seat in first class. The recliner seats are perfect for longer journeys that stretch into the night. You can have a lovely nap in your reclining seat and wake up at your destination.

Last-Minute Journeys

Don’t worry if you are prone to booking your tickets last minute; you can still grab a first-class seat. You can check if any first-class seats are available online or upgrade while you are on the train.

Complimentary Food and Drink

The UK’s rail network is powered by numerous private companies, such as LNER and Cross Country. Each company has a different first-class service with various perks. For example, most services offer complimentary food and drink to first-class customers. Early morning trains have a fantastic British breakfast, while midday trains offer a breakfast and lunch menu for you to choose from. You can even book Afternoon Tea on specific routes.

Work and Travel

Some services offer workstations with photocopiers and complimentary Wi-Fi for commuters. You can hold a business meeting on the train while travelling from one city to the next. Leeds, Newcastle and Edinburgh stations even have meeting rooms available with flipcharts and phones. You can work anywhere with first-class service perks.

Update Your Ticket

Some services will allow you to upgrade your ticket to a first-class carriage. The ticket staff will announce whether this is a possibility on your train when you first depart from the station. You will need to pay the difference between your current ticket and the first-class one. Please bear in mind that busy trains rarely offer this upgrade.

Indulge in a first-class journey on your next train trip.

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