The famous lake from Dirty Dancing is reappearing after 12 years

Remember the lake? (Picture: Vestron/Kobal/REX)

The famous lake from the cult classic Dirty Dancing is reappearing after 12 years.

You know, the one where Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey practice their iconic lift in the water?

The body of water is part of Mountain Lake hotel – which was the site for much of the on-location filming for the hit 1987 movie.

But, since the film aired, the levels of water in the lake have slowly diminished.

According to scientists, the lake hits a low every 400 years and completely dries up, before refilling again in a natural cycle.

But no natural refill has taken place recently – so the lake has remained dry since 2008.

The water disappeared in 2008 (Picture: Mountain Lake)

Scientists have been hard at work trying to identify and fix holes in the bed and sides of the lake – with the aim of keeping the process as natural as possible.

Their efforts to reduce leakages appear to have been successful, as the lake started refilling during the wet spring that just passed.

Now, the lake appears to be about a third full – much to the delight of visiting Dirty Dancing fans.

Now it’s back in business (Picture: Mountain Lake)

But the beauty spot appears to have more than one claim to fame.

It’s thought to be the only lake in the world known to take on this unique self-cleaning process.

Jon Cawley, a Roanoke College professor, says on the hotel’s website: ‘This lake basin is the only one on the planet that goes through this sort of cyclicity and has this sort of plumbing system and sometimes mysteriously disappears to “self-clean.”

‘When the lake drains – when it actually empties out – it cleans itself by moving sediment that has accrued in the bottom of the lake down through that rather complex plumbing system to actually make the lake bigger, deeper, and keep it clean.

‘The Mountain Lake basin is absolutely unique, not only in Appalachia but in the entire world.’

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