Step by Step Guide to Learn Video Editing Easily

Step by Step Guide to Learn Video Editing Easily

It can be a tough job to learn video editing. Whether you are using a professional tool or an online video editor, the process can be intimidating, especially for beginners.

You will have to get your head into many procedures and concepts. Most importantly, to create a good quality final product, you will have to invest in the right video editing device and tool.

Nevertheless, the process does not have to be too cumbersome or complicated. Gaining good proficiency in this field is something not impossible. It is achievable, but only if you work on grabbing the right skills, techniques, and tricks. If you have existing video editing skills, you can work on upgrading the same as this can further help you land good jobs across the media industry.

Let’s dive in and find out the right way of learning video editing easily:

1. Choose the Right Video Editing Tool

Of course, there are a large number of video editing tools available out there but finding one that comes with the best functionalities can be daunting. You can simplify this procedure by going through the reviews of the different tools.

Research the available tools thoroughly, and then choose this online video editor that has all the features and the functionalities you are looking for. The majority of the professional-grade editors include everything you require for performing standard video editing.

Just have one thing in mind- getting the right video editor will not just kick-start your video editing journey but will also guarantee top quality for your video. Initially, you can look for something less mainstream but capable of giving the best editing results.

2. A Fast PC- It’s a Must!

 Your computer should be fast enough to render you good quality video editing results instantly. You can go for any computer brand or model depending on your requirements.

It does not really matter what brand or model you are going for. What counts is your computer should be powerful and fast enough to render quick video editing results. Yet another important point you need to understand is purchasing a computer to store huge files and folders.

This comes to the point of buying faster SSDs or solid-state drives and RAM, of course with a minimum of 8GB for speeding up the video loading speed along with rendering and even exports.

3. Have Your Focus on Cuts and Pace

The pace is nothing but the editing speed and how smoothly a scene transitions from one frame to the other. But the pace is equally important because it has a major influence on the quality of a video and on the audience’s perception of a video.

The main objective while editing is finding optimal space and maintaining it consistently throughout the content. If you want to create a professional and smooth-looking video, try making the transitions seamless.

Try experimenting with varied effects to find one that turns out to be the best. Smooth transitions are quite common, but you might also require sharp cuts for some scenes. Avoid adding parallel edits or synchronous cuts between audio tracks and shots. These might appear like discontinuities in the video.You can create quality content with the help of a high resolution camera and shoot a film.

4. Edit to Narrate a Story

This is one of the most important things you must ponder when learning video editing. Why do you want to learn video editing in the very first place? You must carry out video editing in a way that helps you perfectly express your innovative goals.

Make sure the video you are editing narrates a story. Also, ensure that your video is dramatic and aesthetically pleasing while being compelling at the same time. Your video should also have the potential of invoking the right emotions while delivering the intended message most effectively.

Get beyond the basics if you want your video to tell a story. Just stay away from all kinds of superfluous footage. Also, work on rearranging the order in which your video clips appear.

Moreover, you must use your practical and technical knowledge to reach this point instead of simply adding different effects for impressing the viewers.

5. Keep the Workflow Efficient

It does not matter whether you have a fast computer or an efficient editing tool unless your workflow is organized and systematic; in that case, becoming a highly proficient video editor is tough.

Work on improving the workflow by arranging all your files and projects in folders as you will be using them again and again. Try maintaining separate files and folders for different projects, video clips, audio files, graphics, and images.

You even have the option of creating additional folders and subsections if you require them. Yet another way of speeding up the workflow is by using external storage drives for storing different clips and media.

6. Learn the Editing Terminology

If you really want to become a professional-grade video editor, work on learning different editing terms to communicate with the other video editing professionals and even the clients in your industry.

You need to know certain terms, but simply knowing them will not be useful. You will not be able to use them or even figure them out unless you know what they mean and research them.

Try learning basic terms like J Cut, L Cut, Match Cut, Montage, Cutaway, and Cutting on Action as soon as possible.Also if you are interested in photography then these tips can help you learn photography.

7. Think About the Reaction of the Viewers

As a video editing professional, you must always have concrete know-how of the nitty and gritty of video editing. In the very first place, you must understand the consequences of adding or cutting a certain scene or clip.

For instance, if you are including a scary or funny scene in the video, you must have clear expectations of the audience to reach in a specific manner.

The Bottom Line

Now, you are all prepared to edit the best of videos. This is the complete guide to learning the video editing procedure easily. Follow these steps religiously, and you will never find it difficult to transform raw footage into something highly polished and of superb quality.

And yes, you can apply these steps to almost any video you are editing. These are generic steps that will help you make some cool edits no matter what kind of video you are editing.

All the Best!

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