TONOR TC-777 USB Mic – Best Mic for Conference Calls

TONOR TC-777 USB Mic – Best Mic for Conference Calls

After the epidemic, everyone’s lifestyle altered, and many of you were forced to work from home, whether you wanted it or not. Working from home encourages us to use conference calls to communicate with our bosses or clients. Folks who work from home aren’t the only ones experiencing this video conference call age; people who wish to talk to their friends and family also use these services. It doesn’t matter if we’re on a zoom conversation with our boss or on a skype call with friends and family; all we want are high-quality audio calls that bring us closer to our everyday lives where we’d meet these folks in person.

You might be thinking that because your laptop already has a built-in microphone, why bother using an external one? Your entire conference call experience changes when you use an external microphone, and it’s also a wonderful option for individuals who don’t have a microphone on their desktop PC. Let’s take a look at the Tonor TC-777 USB Mic, which is one of the best cheap mics for conference calls today.


Professionals express things clearly and confidently, and we need a high-quality microphone for that on a video call. People nowadays are constantly dealing with the zoom call culture, which need high-quality audio. A decent microphone is required for high-quality audio in conference calls.

Tonor TC-777 is the microphone you need for day-to-day conference calls. When you buy something, you usually have to deal with one of two scenarios. To save money, you must first compromise on quality, or you must spend more money to obtain good quality. But, here’s why you won’t have to deal with both of these issues this time.

Tonor TC-777 is a microphone that is one of Amazon’s best-selling items due to its exceptional quality and affordable price. This Tonor device is the only one with these outstanding features going for such a low price.

Plug & Play

The Tonor TC-777 microphone is ideal for individuals who desire a simple microphone experience. This microphone may be readily used by just inserting it into your system; it does not matter if you are using it with a laptop or a computer. To use this, you don’t need to install any additional software or drivers; it’s as simple as connecting a pen drive into your computer.
The TC-777 installation process is pretty straightforward; the most difficult part is opening the box; everything else is straightforward. After unboxing, simply unfold the tripod stand and position it in front of you according to your needs, then plug in the USB and use it.

Cardioid Pickup Pattern

If you’ve ever been on a conference call, you know how annoying it is when someone on the other end of the line makes a loud background noise; this is what happens when you use your laptop’s built-in mic. You will be able to block out surrounding noise and concentrate on your job with the help of Tonor TC-777.

This microphone has a cardioid pickup pattern, which allows it to pick up smooth and clear audio solely from the front while filtering out undesired background noise. If you feel the Cardioid mics are sensitive, it’s a good idea to cover them with a wind stopper, especially if you’ll be using them in an environment with a lot of air movement.

Once you’ve attached the pop filter and placed the windsock on the mic, you’re good to go for a seamless video conference.

Build Quality and Features

The build quality and features of the TONOR TC-777 set it apart from the competition. This plug-and-play USB microphone is a good choice for those who aren’t tech-savvy. This item has excellent build quality and a lightweight design that makes it convenient to use.

The microphone comes with a 1.55m power cable, a pop filter, a windsock, a foldable tripod support, a tiny shock mount, and a manual. Tonor is the only company that offers a pop filter in this pricing range. If you’ve ever been to a music studio, you’ve probably seen this pop filter attached to a singer’s mic. You’re undoubtedly wondering, “What’s the point of this filter?”

Top-Notch Pop Filter

A pop filter is a frame wrapped in stretched nylon that aids in the reduction of complicated noises produced by hitting air on your microphone while speaking. This pop stopper can easily be screwed in front of your microphone to eliminate all of the harsh sounds that occur while you talk.

A wind stopper, a foam-type microphone cover that helps to decrease wind noise surrounding the mic, is also included with the TC-777. This microphone, like any other studio mic, comes with a tripod stand that allows it to be placed in a certain location. This aluminum tripod stand has a rubber ball grip on each leg, making it simple to set up on any platform.

Final Thoughts

Everyone desires a sorted and simple life after the pandemic. Those who work from home and frequently participate in conference calls want excellent audio quality. Nobody wants a microphone that muffles their voice with the background noise. To avoid this, you’ll need a microphone with high build quality and a Cardioid Pickup Pattern, so your audience only hears you and not the person in the background.

The Tonor TC-777 is here to provide you with the best video conferencing experience possible. All of the advantages of the Toner TC-777 make it worthwhile to purchase; you will not be disappointed.

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