Sex and the City’s Candace Bushnell says ‘you’ve got to hang onto your soul’ when dating

With the Sex and the City ladies returning to our screens this week with HBO’s And Just Like That… the show’s original writer, Candace Bushnell, has revealed the dating advice she’s learned as she’s gotten older.

The 63-year-old said “you’ve got to hang onto your soul” when it comes to dating.

Bushnell is often thought of as the real-life Carrie Bradshaw as she spent the 1990s publishing a column called “Sex in the City” in the New York Observer before it became a book and, subsequently, the hit show.

She told People: “You have to be true to yourself, and as they say on The Bachelor, don’t get involved for the wrong reasons.

“In a place like New York, you come across a lot of people who… They really have an agenda, as you know. And that can be a little bit disheartening, but you’ve got to hold on to your humanity.”

The author is currently starring in a one-woman Off-Broadway show in New York called, Is There Still Sex in the City?

The play, which is showing through to February 2022, sees Bushnell recount her days as a struggling writer and she relives her past relationships.

“It’s so great to play me and not have an actress playing me,” Bushnell said of the show.

“I wanted the feeling of when I was writing Sex and the City, I would have a bunch of girlfriends come over, and we would discuss a topic, like we would discuss the modelizers or all kinds of things, threesomes, whatever!”

Speaking of her current love life, she added: “I’m not dating, and I’m not in a relationship, and that’s fine. I’m not saying that I won’t in the future, but I think the reality is when you get older, you’re not so worried about it.”


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