Sam Heughan tells how whisky firm was hit with bottle stopper shortage due to pandemic

Sam Heughan has revealed that the coronavirus pandemic created some hurdles for his whisky brand Sassenach.

Sassenach, like many other businesses, faced shortages over the last year and a half, with Sam saying a lack of bottle stoppers caused delays in distribution.

The Outlander star brought out Sassenach last March and fans were quick to get their hands on it.

Speaking on the Bloomberg podcast with hosts Carol Massar and Tim Stenovec, Sam spoke about his business during the pandemic and how he’s self-financed it.

He said: “It’s impacted everything but business wise, more than anything it’s delayed a lot of import and exports especially with our whisky.

Sam's eagerly anticipated whisky launched last year
Sam’s eagerly anticipated whisky launched last year

He added: “Things are really slow globally its really slow, we’ve been challenged with the cork for our stoppers in the bottles, and even just getting a container to transport our whisky across the UK.”

Sam said his business is his baby and because he’s done everything himself he’s so proud of the brand he’s created.

He said: “I’m really proud, self-financed, self-realised, I designed everything – every aspect!

“We haven’t got any investors we’ve done it all ourselves. We’ve won seven double-gold medals from various awards, I’m just very proud of it, it’s my baby.”

As fans of the hit TV show will know, the name of the whisky, Sassenach, is a nod to the nickname Sam’s character Jamie has given his on-screen love interest Claire (played by Caitriona Balfe).

Sassenach Whisky was launched last year
Sassenach Whisky was launched last year

The Dumfries-born actor has also used the unicorn, the national animal of Scotland, for his logo.

He’s previously described the new whisky as rich, distinct, sweet and smooth, making it as approachable and appealing as possible to a wide range of whisky fans.

To get your hands on Sassenach, please visit the website here.

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