Rich Holiday Poor Holiday: Fury as rich family 'need to get a reality check'

Rich Roger and Lisa usually spend over £8,000 on their holidays. The pair indulge in luxury villas with their three children. Sue, Genna and Ray, on the other hand, are less fortunate.

Tonight in the last of the series, Sue, Genna and Ray Griffith – who rarely have time for holidays, enjoy an all-expenses-paid trip to a Devon manor. Lisa and Roger, though, are off to Wales in a campervan.

The Griffith family spend most of their limited finances on rescue horses. Earning in the bottom 10 percent, they put their animals’ needs above their own.

Grandmother Sue’s husband left her a quarter of a million pounds in debt.

The other family have made money on the property market and their dream home. Lisa loves spoiling her children.

For the poorer family, this will be a rare opportunity to spend time together.

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While the Griffiths were wowed by their luxury mansion in Devon, Lisa complained she “couldn’t swing a cat” in the campervan.

One Twitter users complained the Griffiths had been short-changed on their holiday, although the horse lovers enjoyed the opportunity to ride in the stunning Dartmoor countryside.

They wrote: “The rich family spent £15k on one holiday but the poor family are being sent to devon? #richholidaypoorholiday”

Another agreed and wrote: “Am i missing something? Rich Holiday Poor Holiday? So poor family get sent on a Dartmouth holiday ???? How are they getting a bleeding ‘rich’ holiday ????? Some families have been short changed this series. #richholidaypoorholiday”

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Others criticised Lisa and Roger, writing: “#richholidaypoorholiday sorry but the ‘rich’ family need to get a reality check. That camper van is not a poor holiday!”

Others praised the Griffith’s little boy Ray, and wrote: “The little boy on Rich Holiday Poor Holiday is lovely. What a great kid.”

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Although some suggest the Griffiths were short changed, for the family it was the holiday of a lifetime.

Although the family love horses, it was the first time they have ever been able to ride together as a family. They were able to hack with the wild ponies of Dartmoor galloping beside them.

In the other household, there were minor hiccups as Lisa struggled to drive the campervan, with smoke billowing from the vehicle.

However, Lisa was not a fan of the rambling activities on offer.

One person wrote: “The rich women usually go to Mauritius and Hawaii on holiday but they sent the poor family to Turkey?

“Surely that is so cheap compared to the luxury they are used to?”

“Are they calling Tenerife cheap? I think it’s quite luxurious in my opinion,” one viewer shared.

Another commented: “Bit different from the usual caravan and camping holidays that these so-called poor families go on.”


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