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Paris Fury issues heartbreaking message before husband Tyson fights Deontay Wilder

The wife of the heavy weight boxer was interviewed on BT Sport where the match is being live-streamed from Las Vegas. Fury and Wilder are set to clash in Las Vegas tonight for the WBC heavyweight world title.

Paris admitted during the interview that she is always nervous before her husband fights.

She said “the nerves are always there” when she was asked whether she was as chilled as her husband.

She added: “I just wish I was like him and more calm.”

The interviewer said that Tyson is “basically the embodiment of confidence” and asked Paris whether that rubbed off on her.

She replied: “No! I wish it would rub off. You’d think it would start rubbing off on the family around him.

“No. That’s it. I don’t know where he gets that power from and that insight to like sense that he knows what is going to happen.

“But I can’t help it. My nerves go. I am confident in him but the nerves are always there.”

She also said she spoke to Tyson’s stitch man and asked him to “look after him no matter what”.

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She later added that “he loves it” and “we all know he’s mental”.

When asked what people can expect when Tyson enters the MGM stadium of 16,000 people, she said he will likely “buzz”.

She said: “I think he is going to buzz off every second of it.

“I think he is going to thoroughly enjoy it and just really shine.”

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The first fight ended in a controversial draw between the two men.

Fury was knocked down twice but then won most the rounds.

Both fighters are expected to be a lot heavier in the rematch.

Fury has come in at 273lbs, over a stone heavier from the 256lbs he weighed in at for the first fight.

Wilder is now 231lbs, while he was just 212lbs before.


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