Most Brits lie about which TV shows they’ve watched

The poll of Radio Times readers found that 52% had lied about having seen a television series everyone was talking about. Leading the list of lies was Stranger Things, which 14% of readers said they had claimed to have watched when they had not. Game of Thrones was next in line, with 10% having lied about watching the fantasy drama. A spokesman said: “With so much choice in a truly golden age of TV it’s almost impossible to see everything, so don’t be afraid to admit you’ve never tuned in.”

KFC launches ‘weird’ Princess Di tie-in

KFC is offering Princess Diana-themed merchandise. In the recently released movie starring Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana, the heroine is seen dining in a KFC. The chicken chain is selling a replica of one of Diana’s famous sweaters but instead of being decorated with a pattern of sheep, it has chickens on it. Cracked magazine describes the tie-in as “pretty goddamn weird”.

Four-year-old scales 11,000ft mountain

A four-year-old boy has reached the summit of an 11,000ft mountain after a two-week hike in the Rockies. Jackson Houlding and his sister Freya, eight, were led by their parents Leo and Jessica as they climbed the 11,889ft Pingora Peak in Wyoming unaided. The British family are no strangers to adventure; last year they climbed the 10,853 ft Piz Badile on the border of Switzerland and Italy.


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