Lorraine Kelly confuses fans over plan to visit parents in Scotland next week

Lorraine Kelly caused confusion after telling fans she was heading to see her parents who live in Scotland next week, despite strict lockdown measures in place.

The morning telly presenter said ‘Hurrah’ as she told followers on Twitter that she could see her parents at last.

And as many scrambled to ask how it was possible, a closer look at Lorraine’s comment appeared to hold the answer.

Lorraine wrote: “So at last can see parents late next week as going to help them sort a much more accessible flat. Not seen them since August last year. Hurrah! Anyone else finally seeing loved ones ????”

Lorraine Kelly with her Dad

Lorraine’s parents John, 80, and Anne, 79, live in Scotland, with the England-based presenter unable to see them in the flesh since July last year.

Her fathers’ birthday was last month and her mother will turn eighty in September. Lorraine had hoped to travel with them to Singapore to celebrate.

Lorraine has been vocal about rule breakers during the strict lockdown and she has admitted before that she is counting the days until she sees her parents again.

Her comment that she was visiting them ahead of the government lockdown change came as a surprise to followers who reminded her: “No travel allowed unless essential.”

However it appears that Lorraine’s travel is essential as she explained she is going to help her parents ‘sort a more accessible flat.’

The Scottish government guidelines for moving in level four areas written on April 2 are currently: “Whilst it is currently permitted to conduct activities in connection with moving home or the essential maintenance, purchase, sale, letting or rental of a residential property that you own or are responsible for you are strongly advised to postpone those at this time, if possible.

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“You should search for property online and carry out viewings virtually in the first instance and only physically view a property which you or the person on whose behalf you are acting are very likely to want to move into.”

“Travel for the purposes of undertaking essential work on a property other than your main residence must not be used as a pretext for a holiday. You should not stay longer than for the length of time required to undertake the necessary work.”

Lorraine’s visit appears to come under essential travel.

Nonetheless her statement did confuse people as some said: “I didn’t think you could travel from England to Scotland yet? My in-laws are champing at the bit to travel north of the border to see us all but can’t as yet …. unless I’m wrong??”

“At present in Scotland we can’t travel out with our local authority. It changes the end of April.”

After someone asked “So how can Lorraine travel to see her parents in Scotland when she lives in England?”

Lorraine Kelly with her mum

Another volunteered: “Is it maybe an exemption to help them move house?”

“You can travel for essential reasons.. general travelling will be the 26th April at the earliest although it did sound like it could be more mid may for going to other parts of UK. Should be confirmed this week or next wk.”

Other were thrilled Lorraine would get her reunion earlier than expected saying: “This is so wonderful to hear, we are 15 month of not seeing our lovely parents who live in Scotland. It will be worth the 300 mile trip when we can. Hope you have the greatest reunion.”

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Another added: ‘Great news! I’ve not seen any of my family since last August as they are in NI and I’m in Scotland. I’ve not had my first vaccination yet so it will be a while. There is light at the end of the tunnel though.”


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