Kevin Bridges renames company 'Hoose Rice' after iconic gag

Kevin Bridges has changed the name of his personal company to ‘Hoose Rice’ after one of his most famous gags.

The Scots comedian’s firm was called El Tiburon – Spanish for ‘The Shark’ – but has now been changed to Hoose Rice Productions Limited.

The company channels the earnings of the 32-year-old star, from Clydebank , who has earned a fortune from a string of sell-out stand-up tours.

The ‘Hoose Rice’ routine involves Bridges telling a story about staying at a friend’s house one Saturday night when he was 10, which resulted in him discovering a new level of appreciation for his own parents.

Kevin Bridges renamed his company after the hilarious ‘Hoose Rice’ routine


He is shocked to discover that the Cassidy clan boil their own rice at home when ordering a Chinese takeaway and dubs his pal ‘ Hoose Rice ‘ from then on.

Documents registered with Companies House this week revealed the name change.

They also showed Bridges had resigned as a director of the firm although he still controls it.

Joe Norris and Richard Hughes, two executives at his management firm, Off The Kerb Productions, have been appointed as directors.

As well as touring, DVDs and TV shows, the comic has earned cash through selling his own-branded merchandise and also released his autobiography.

In 2014, he had his name officially registered as a trademark to protect his money-spinning image rights.

Kevin Bridges has earned himself a fortune after sold-out tours, DVDs, merch and an autobiography


Last year, Bridges revealed he almost quit comedy after suffering from burnout.

The comedian said he was in a “dark place” after completing a mammoth tour and splitting from his long-term partner.

He told how he had lost the love of performing and sought solace in alcohol and self-help books to help him cope with his unhappiness.

He said: “I could have chucked it. I felt a bit unhappy and had stopped enjoying it.

“I was burned out and I had nothing else going on in my life. I’d split up with my ex and I was just doing the gigs and coming back home to an empty house. I was in a dark place.”

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