James and Tati were embroiled in an explosive feud earlier this year (Picture: YouTube/James Charles/Tati Westbrook)

James Charles fans have been left unimpressed by YouTube Rewind before it even begins.

Ahead of the eagerly-anticipated yearly round-up video, the platform shared teasers of who is set to feature in the video.

Scenes like PewDiePie’s wedding, and Eugene Lee Yang’s coming out video are set to feature, but fans were a bit perplexed by a shot from James Charles’ No More Lies video.

The 20-year-old beauty guru uploaded the vlog in response to Tati Westbrook’s Bye Sister, a 45-minute exosé video on her former friend.

James isn’t prepared either (Picture: YouTube/Twitter)

She accused James of lying about a brand deal and ‘manipulating peoples sexuality’ (claims which he denied in his own fiery video), leading to James facing a downfall like no other and losing millions of subscribers in a matter of days.

After James tweeted a simple ‘oh god,’ in response to one of YouTube’s teasers for Rewind, fans came to his defence.

‘I love u so much james i hope they don’t bring it up again,’ one told him.

‘I don’t see how that’s content nor good to put in it….’ another added.

James Charles fans

James Charles fans

James Charles fans

People aren’t happy (Pictures: Twitter)

One more viewer declared: ‘Nah i am cancelling youtube,’ with another saying: ‘Love you angel we all love you so much idk why YouTube thought this was content for the rewind but -_-.’

Bit awkward.

Although James and Tati eventually called a truce, the feud is still one of the most memorable moments in YouTube history.

YouTube Rewind is also set to feature the likes of K-Pop bands BTS and BLACKPINK, teasing shots of their music videos Boy With Luv and Kill This Love.

Specific videos and moments are shown, like PewDiePie’s wedding video, and The Try Guys’ Eugene Lee Yang’s coming out video.

Meanwhile, Seth Everman is also seen to make an appearance, presumably as a tribute to him breaking the record for the most-liked comment in YouTube history.


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