I’m A Celebrity columnist Vicky Pattison says Caityln Jenner can’t win because she’s American

I’M a Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! is back – and I’m buzzing like a new fridge.

Ant McPartlin has returned and is looking great, Dec Donnelly is on form – and Caitlin Jenner will be the gift that keeps on giving.

 Former Queen of the Jungle Vicky Pattison has her own column on The Sun Online - starting today


Former Queen of the Jungle Vicky Pattison has her own column on The Sun Online – starting todayCredit: ITV

Kate Garraway’s mam-swimming from the boat to the beach was EVERYTHING and I reckon these tough cookies will give us the best series we’ve had in years.

I’m going to be writing about I’m A Celeb for The Sun Online throughout this year’s series – and all I can say is: Bring it on. ???



 Caitlyn Jenner has proved a sensation - but she can't win the show


Caitlyn Jenner has proved a sensation – but she can’t win the showCredit: Rex Features

We’ve got one of the most exciting line ups we’ve seen in years (well, since my one, obviously!)

Everyone is talking about Caitlin Jenner and I’m not surprised – she’s proved herself to be strong, compassionate, warm and brave and she’s totally immersed herself in camp life.

I love how supportive she was of Nadine Coyle on the skydive and then with Kate Garraway in the first Bushtucker Trial.

But I’m going to say something very honest and a bit controversial – I don’t think she’ll win.

 The star tackling Bugged Out in last night's Bushtucker Trial


The star tackling Bugged Out in last night’s Bushtucker TrialCredit: Rex Features

Not because she isn’t brilliant TV and a great camp mate – but because she’s American.

Traditionally in I’m A Celeb the Americans have always felt a little bit like cannon fodder (John Barrowman excluded – national treasure whatever country he’s in that fella).

They’re good entertainment early doors, usually quite big names, but out pretty sharpish as we’re more likely to support our fellow Brits.

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No shame in that- I get it. But could Caitlin buck that trend? I’d love to be wrong as I love what she brings to the table and the more Kardashian inside gossip I can get the better.



 James huge size could could against him in the trials


James huge size could could against him in the trialsCredit: Rex Features

James Haskell has got the most competitive nature and that will set him in proper good stead – but everyone needs to stop assuming that big, strong sportsmen are good in the trials.

More often than not, given the small spaces they’re squished into, poor James’ size will actually be a disadvantage – as he is a MASSIVE human ?.

I hear his missus Chloe Madeley has said she’s buzzing he’s if there so she can save on the weekly shop. He said he puts away 4,000 calories a day, so I am not surprised girl!



Nadine Coyle has already had some proper brilliant one liners and I think despite the fact she’s openly scared of everything, she’s going to be a pretty tough cookie.

It’s the same with Jac Jossa! I love gutsy women and I think this years camp is full of them!



 Vicky called comedian Andrew a 'total gent'


Vicky called comedian Andrew a ‘total gent’Credit: Rex Features

I read somewhere that Andrew Maxwell has been the most Googled campmate so far which I’m assuming is – by his own admission – because not a lot of people know who he is.

But he’s one to watch. I did a show with Andrew once and not only was he hilarious but he was kind too.

I loved how encouraging he was to Kate in the first task – did anyone count how many times he said “my love”? Spoiler: it was a LOT.

But he’s just as cute as a bunny in a bow tie and a total gent. And honestly, it can get quite tough in that jungle at times. His sense of humour and self depreciating nature will help him shine.

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 Our columnist worries that Ian Wright will get 'hangry'


Our columnist worries that Ian Wright will get ‘hangry’Credit: Rex Features

I know the bookies fave is Ian Wright – and if I was a betting woman I’d put money on it myself.

But it’s early days and a lot could change. He could be the hangry type – and let me tell you, nothing sours your chances of winning like shouting at an adorable ex Girls Aloud member over who got the most wallaby tail.

Jac Jossa isn’t afraid to speak her mind- and we’ve already seen some tension between her and Haskell so there’s potential for more where that came from.

I don’t mind a bit of drama – it keeps stuff interesting and you can tell Ant and Dec live for it! ?



 The Geordie Shore star still misses her bed in the jungle


The Geordie Shore star still misses her bed in the jungleCredit: ITV

The celebs seem to be coping pretty well with their first couple of nights in the jungle. I can remember mine like it was yesterday.

The jungle comes alive at night. I remember lying there next to Ferne and Spencer and being so nervous and excited I could hardly sleep – just listening to the jungle buzzing around me.

The camp fire, the crickets – it’s so unsettling at first, but now I can’t sleep without it.

I have an app that plays jungle and fire sounds and if ever I’m struggling to sleep I pop that on and it sends me right off. It takes me back to a very happy time of my life.



 'Growing lad' Roman might struggle with the portions in camp


‘Growing lad’ Roman might struggle with the portions in campCredit: Rex Features

We’ve already seen a couple of niggles and a hint of lost tempers over the food situation and all I can say is: it’s going to get a lot worse!

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There are some big fellas in there. James Haskell, Ian Wright, Myles Stephenson – and Roman Kemp is a growing lad too.

They are going to need to really brace themselves for some dark moments hunger wise.

I predict tempers flaring over the next couple days if they aren’t successful in the trials so I’ve got everything crossed for them!



 Vicky went on a diet ahead of her I'm A Celeb waterfall scenes


Vicky went on a diet ahead of her I’m A Celeb waterfall scenesCredit: Rex Features

In my series George Shelley and Kieron Dyer really struggled with the restricted calories – but I wasn’t too bad to be fair.

As a naturally incredibly curvy woman I’ve probably been on a diet for about 20 years and before I’d gone in to I’m A Celeb I’d been so nervous about the infamous shower scene I’d gone on a pretty intense diet and exercise regime.

By the time I got in jungle I found the staple diet of rice and beans – with the occasional emu steak if you smashed a trial – a bit of a luxury if anything!

However I definitely missed cheese. You’re not normal if you don’t miss cheese.

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