How to Write a Perfect Synthesis Essay?

How to Write a Perfect Synthesis Essay?

A synthesis essay is a piece of writing that provides an original viewpoint on a fundamental idea, topic, or issue. The evidence is then supported by evidence from other sources. Some students may find it challenging to complete this type of essay and will require some writing help.

The process of writing a synthesis essay consists of five major steps:

Let us go through them in depth.

Choosing a Topic for a Synthesis Essay

A synthesis essay prompt must be debatable. You may be needed to choose the primary material for your project. Choose a book that may include opposing viewpoints. Here are some helpful hints for selecting a topic for a synthesis essay.

  • Examine the topics and concepts. Read from sources and extensively research individual topics to see if any of them pique your interest.
  • Choose a topic and then gather relevant and useful resources for your synthesis paper.
  • Create an outline for your synthesis essay based on thoughts or ideas from the sources. This should simplify your writing and save you a lot of time.

To make your synthesis essay successful, you must choose an argumentative topic. Another explanation is that these issues have been debated publicly for decades.

Good synthesis essay topics include:

  • Drug legalization
  • Income Inequality
  • Immigration law

Examine Your Topic

Here’s how to completely comprehend your synthesis essay topic.

  • Understand the Concept of a Synthesis Essay

The goal of a synthesis essay is to make relevant connections between portions of a work. When performing research on a topic, you must look for connections in order to get a firm opinion on the issue. The essay’s ultimate objective is to express and verify a claim about a topic.

  • Choose an Appropriate Topic for a Synthesis Essay

The subject and topic must be broad enough to encompass numerous sources. If you have complete freedom in picking what to write about, some preliminary research may help you choose the best topic.

  • Choose and Research Your Sources Carefully

Research and locate important information and sources. Select at least three sources for your essay. It’s a good idea to learn one or two extra sources for better comprehension, but whatever it is, make sure you study it thoroughly.

Remember that reading three sources correctly is preferable to reading five sources incorrectly. Notes in the margins should be used to compile each source. This helps you to keep track of your ideas, thoughts, and so on.

  • Create a Thesis Statement

The fundamental notion of your essay will be your thesis statement. It should cover the subject and explain your point of view on it. Form an opinion on your issue after reading the sources and performing your investigation.

It should be stated in its entirety. Your thesis statement might be the first sentence of the essay or the last sentence of the first paragraph, depending on the essay. When you choose to outsource your essay to the experts understand the best position for your thesis statement.

  • Read the Source Material again

Reread your source material again to look for elements that can aid to support your point.

Examine your sources for key remarks, numbers, ideas, and facts to back up your thesis. Make a mental note of them when you come across them. This will come in handy throughout the writing process.

Develop an Outline for Your Essay

An essay outline is a technique for establishing the structure of your essay. This is what you must do.

  • Create an outline to help you organize your thesis

You may do this as a formal outline or just in your head. However, in order to maximize the impact of your material, you must choose how to present it.

The structure is as follows:

  • The opening paragraph
  • The paragraphs in the body
  • The closing paragraph
  • Structure Your Thesis Proposition Creatively

Use a more innovative framework to express your thesis. You can use a more complex structure than the one shown above. You can structure your essay in the following ways:

The straw man

You will provide the counter-arguments first in this strategy. Then illustrate their flaws and limitations. This strategy displays both your awareness of the resistance and your preparedness to respond to it. Following your thesis statement, you give the counter-argument, followed by evidence to reject it. And finish with a good argument that backs up your claim.


Concessions in essays are akin to the straw man in construction. However, this method accepts the legitimacy of the counter-argument while illustrating the strength of your case. This style is appropriate for delivering papers to readers with competing viewpoints.

Illustration/ Example

It might be a comprehensive narrative, summary, or quotation from your source material that gives strong support for your argument. You should not, however, make your paper a series of instances at the price of supporting your thesis statement.

Comparison and Contrast

Similarities and contrasts between two subjects or sources are used to show both elements in this technique. To find both subtle and big areas of comparison, you must thoroughly examine your source material.

This style of essay might convey its arguments source by source or by similarities and differences.

Begin Working on Your Essay

After you have completed the preparation phase, begin writing your synthesis essay.

  • Use your outline as a guide to write your first draft

However, be prepared to alter your plan if new ideas and insights emerge. Also, be certain that it supports your thesis and the source material.

Your essay should begin with an introductory paragraph that concludes with your thesis statement. A body that contains evidence that backs up your main topic and thesis statement. Finally, include a conclusion that summarizes your point of view.

  • Make use of transitions

Use transitions between paragraphs to help the information flow properly. Transitions are a great way to emphasize locations where your sources complement each other.

Longer quotes of three lines or more should be presented as block quotes to emphasize their significance.

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Finish Your Essay

You have completed the writing process, but you must still ensure that your essay is faultless.

  • Revise Your Essay

This is the moment to strengthen arguments and improve transitions between points and paragraphs. Make an effort to make your argument as succinct and easy to grasp as possible. It is helpful to read your essay aloud in order to identify problematic phrases or confusing concepts.

Request that another person proofread your paper. Have you ever heard the expression “two heads are better than one”? Is it still applicable?

Inquire with a friend or coworker about what they would add or remove from the document. Most importantly, does your thesis statement make sense, and do your sources back it up?

Ensure that you answer these questions in your essay.

  • Proofread Your Work

Check your text for grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors.

Are all of the phrases, names, and words spelled correctly? Is there any unnecessary English language or sentence fragments? Correct them as you go.

Read the article aloud to avoid mistakenly adding or removing words when reading in your head. If feasible, have a buddy or classmate proofread your work.

  • Sources Must Be cited

Use footnotes to refer to facts in the body paragraphs and a bibliography of books referenced at the end. For any material that is quoted, paraphrased, or cited, footnotes and in-text citations should be utilized.

  • Title Your Essay

Your title should represent the point of view presented in your thesis statement and supporting arguments. As a result, rather than building your essay to match the title, select a title that fits your essay.


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