How Gambling Can Affect Your Life

How Gambling Can Affect Your Life

Gambling can be great fun for people if played sensibly. If playing is kept within their limits, it can be a harmless source of enjoyment. A fantastic way to socialise and pass away a few hours with friends, or even keep you entertained if you are happy to play by yourself. From nights out playing casino slots or throwing the dice with big crowds cheering you on, to relaxing in the comfort of your own home, plenty of options to play are available. Great care must be taken though, that you don’t fall into the trap of getting too involved. The pitfalls are immense and can have grave and long lasting consequences. Changing gambling from a hobby or a fun pastime can seriously alter your life in many ways. From the way you think, to hurting people around you, there is no limit to the depths you can sink if it is not kept in check. Many relationships, such as with family, spouse, siblings, friends or work colleagues have been ruined because of this dangerous habit spiralling out of control. It has been the ruin of many households.

Why Do People Choose to Gamble?

This is a difficult question to answer. Why do people continue to play even though they are highly likely to lose in the long run? Easy accessibility can be one reason. Now, instead of getting dressed up and planning a big night out at the casino, you can take out your phone anywhere and place lottery bets, gamble on your favourite sports like football and tennis for example, or slots, all available to play online, within seconds. People enjoy these games; it gives them excitement. A break from reality or any kid of stress or problems they may be having.

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They feel quite euphoric when they are playing, every bet a risk, and a sense of danger. They seem to constantly feel the urge to bet, it gets them high like a drug when their bets are placed, waiting to see what the outcome is. This is their adrenaline. Instead of skydiving or roller coasters, some people like to gamble! While the online gambling world has taken hold in recent years, the socialising aspect found at traditional casinos stays strong for many people. The thrill of testing your skills at card games for example against real people, winning big and getting one over on your competitors and the casino itself brings a lot of happiness!

Positives of Gambling

Over time, it’s hard to say that even the most seasoned gambler agrees that there are many benefits to betting constantly. Even if you understand the markets inside out it is still difficult to say in the long run whether or not you will profit. However, when played on a strict budget it can provide lots of entertainment. It also brings lots of jobs. In the United States, the American Gaming Association states that 1.7 million people work in the industry. It is valued at $240 billion dollars. The industry creates almost $9 billion US dollars per year in state and local tax revenues.

Negatives of Gambling

The urge to bet can be quite time consuming. People can be trawling the online sites, always looking for a bet to put on. Unfortunately, it gets to the stage where some people will put bets on a sport that does not really interest them, all for the sake of the rush of having a bet. This robs people of time that could be sent having fun or being closer to their family or loved ones. Gambling is also usually quite secretive, which hinders communication between the gambler and other people. Losses will not be discussed, wins boasted about. It may even get to the point where wins are not even mentioned, everything is kept completely discreet and to themselves private.

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Health Effects

Certainly, as time goes on, people will begin to notice a change in the gambler. While at the start bets were placed for fun, mood swings often become more apparent. The highs and lows of winning and losing, the constant placing of bets and trying to get that one big win, it can easily take its toll on the mind. People with gambling issues regularly think about it all the time, sometimes it’s all they think about. Sleeping patterns can be affected. Stress levels rise, which can affect family and work life, which unfortunately can actually lead to more mistakes when gambling and people can find themselves in a lot of trouble very quickly. It has been proven that gamblers who have a problem are twice as likely to be depressed than people who don’t gamble. Gamblers are believed to have low self esteem.

Financial Effects

The ease of depositing hard earned money into online accounts can be heartbreaking. There are many ways to do this. One of the most popular methods of payment is by using a bank debit card, which most people have. Once deposited, this is just shown as figures on a screen, as opposed to walking into your local bookmakers with cash, in which the bet could possibly be considered a bit more. This can be compared to using chips in casinos. The feeling that you are not betting with real money can lead to making bets that usually would not be made, or playing with stakes that are far above normal limits. People’s constant deposit/ withdrawal transactions from bank accounts to online gambling companies can draw attention to their financial situation. They may have a good job, with steady income, but their consistent waste of money gambling will not go unnoticed. Banks have been known to delve back as far as 6 years of their customers’ banking history. Can they be trusted to pay back a loan or a mortgage? Many have been declined loans because of their gambling patterns displaying on their bank statement. This can have a massive effect on people or their families if they are suddenly turned down for a service that they felt was a formality.

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All in all, gambling can have a serious effect on people’s lives if not kept in check. A few harmless bets for fun could lead to a serious mental addiction with the power to destroy relationships. The financial repercussions can be devastating. People with problems are highly recommended to contact sites which can help, such as gamcare.

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