Online Gambling: Men vs. Women. Who Is More of a Gambler?

Back then, it was rare to see women sitting at the traditional poker table trying to beat their male counterparts; the same can’t be said since the introduction of online gambling. According to research, some of the casino Portugal online betting accounts are owned and managed by women, which shows that women are more likely to venture into betting when offered privacy and secrecy.

This brings us to the frequently asked question, who is the best gambler between a man and a woman? Although the reason why women may prefer to bet in secret may be linked to gender bias, does gender really have a say in how good a gambler can be? Let’s find out.

Online Gambling: Men vs. Women. Who Is More of a Gambler?

Characteristics of a Good Gambler

Everyone can bet, but not everyone is regarded as a good gambler. The capacity to have more wins than losses is what distinguishes you as a successful gambler, not the fact that you have a few wins.

Additionally, certain characteristics are common among most renowned seasoned gamblers. These include:

1. Risk-Taker

Betting is risk-taking. There’s no other way to describe gambling other than that it’s a calculative risk. Because you’re unsure of the outcome of any online casino games, the ability to wager on such games indicates that you’re a risk taker.

For you to be an excellent gambler, you must be able to take calculated risks. This means knowing when to invest in an online casino and when not. Making mindless investments in any gambling company doesn’t make one a better gambler. According to a study on human behavior, it has been observed that men are more risk-takers than women. 

Men are more inclined to make sizable bets on various casino games because they think they will succeed. However, very few women are brave enough to do that. For fear of losing money, most women would prefer to invest little.

2. Ability to Understand Human Psychology

Betting in its traditional and online forms requires the bettor to understand how the human mind works. Predicting the next moves of your fellow bettor can help you counter such actions.

To be a good gambler, you must be good at observing the other players, especially in the traditional poker game. You would also need a good memory to succeed at any casino games. These characteristics are not influenced by gender; a man can study, observe, and memorize better than a woman, and vice versa. 

Additionally, you must be patient while betting either on the table or online. Your ability to be calm and patient before placing wagers can go a long run in preventing you from losing. 

3. A Good Loser

Not every gambler is a gracious loser. Most gamblers find it hard to accept defeat and walk away with their few wins. They would prefer to try many hands and would only stop when they win, which in most cases, doesn’t happen.

Unable to accept defeat on the betting table or online is linked to causing betting addiction. A sore loser would prefer to wager many times till they win, which in the long run would cause them to be addicted to betting.

From research, men are more addicted to betting than women. This could be because most men are sore losers in betting. For instance, it would never sit well with some men if a woman bests them. They usually do not care about the money lost, mainly because of injured pride. 

Thus, they inadvertently want to prove themselves better at betting than women. Constantly seeking to win a bet can cause them to be unhealthily addicted to it.

4. Analytical and Calculative Skills

Some casino games are purely based on luck, like Slots and Roulette, but others are more on skills and expertise. For instance, the game of poker requires the bettor to be strategic, committed and focused

Additionally, there are specific calculations a gambler should be able to make in a matter of minutes before placing any bets. The likes of the house edge, payback percentage, odds, pot odds, and expected value would need the gambler to have basic math knowledge. 

Failure to have such would give your competitor an edge over you. Being good in calculations and analysis is not gender-based. Thus, anybody more calculative on the poker table will have the upper hand and be considered a better gambler, irrespective of gender.

Therefore, from the above characteristics, it’s difficult to outrightly declare a particular gender better in betting than the other. However, most indications favor the male gender. Also, the renowned gambler, Daniel Negreanu, with the highest winnings on the poker table, is a man. In the same light, it doesn’t mean that Maria Konnikova, the famous female gambler, isn’t good. Who is the best gambler is a subjective question that doesn’t have a definite answer. Many factors influence your choice.

As a result, our guest post author, Victoria Oliveira, a female gambler, has given us some factors that can be used to judge how good a gambler is. You can also check out these top-rated online casinos; suppose you stay in Portugal and want to try betting.

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