Holidays: Never make this basic restaurant mistake at an all-inclusive hotel – top tips

All-inclusive hotels are incredibly popular among British holidaymakers. In fact, a whopping 10 million Britons went on an all-inclusive holiday last year. This type of vacation may seem like an expense when you’re initially handing over payment.

However, many Britons sing the praises of being able to eat and drink seemingly endlessly throughout the holiday.

Channel 5 documentary The All-Inclusive – How do they do it? examined the dos and don’ts of staying at an all-inclusive hotel.

There’s one mistake holidaymakers should never make when staying at these resorts.

The show looked at three different groups of British tourists at a Spanish resort catering for 1,300 guests.

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One group were veterans when it comes to all-inclusive holidays while another family had never tried one before.

This meant the family end up making a big error when it came to timings.

Holidaymakers should always check what’s on when in order to plan ahead.

Not doing do so could result in missing out when it comes to eating and activities.


The programme emphasises the importance of making a note of mealtimes.

The novice family do not do this and end up rather confused about when lunch is available.

They also end up missing out on the resort waterpark because they didn’t check when it closed.

Consequently, it’s vital to make sure you on top of timings when it comes to the activities you want to do.

It’s also well worth finding out what all the food options are when you arrive so you can holiday exactly how you want.

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Food is something holidaymakers are rarely short of in all-inclusive resorts.

In the Spanish resort featured in the Channel 5 documentary, in order to match the demand for Full English Breakfasts, they serve 20kg of bacon each morning plus 15kg of baked beans.

Chicken nuggets are one of the most popular items on the hotel’s menu and the kitchen cooks upwards of 25 kilos of nuggets every day.

Meanwhile, over at the snack bar, they serve a daily whopping total of 300 pizzas, 250 burgers and 200 hot dogs.

One dad extolls the benefits of all-inclusive food. “It’s a big weight lifted off your shoulder to say ‘Go and get what you want kids,’” he explains.

One thing’s for sure, the opportunity to indulge is tempting across the board no matter how experienced you are with all-inclusive holidays.


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