‘Have to accept it!’ Expats share the one difficulty of life in the best expat destination

In the HSBC Expat Explorer survey, Switzerland was voted as the best global destination for expats. The incredibly popular hotspot offers stunning mountain landscapes, a high quality of life and fantastic financial opportunities.

Expats have shared their tips for settling in Switzerland as well as what to be prepared for in the destination.

One expat said: “Come with an open mind and wallet, spend time to learn Swiss-German and maintain a desire to see some beautiful Alpine vistas.”

An open mind is extremely important for potential expats who may have trouble adapting to some aspects of life in their destination.

Unfortunately, living in the beautiful country of Switzerland does come with a pretty hefty price tag.

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Expats working in Switzerland can expect to earn a very high salary well above the global average wage.

The mountainous country is particularly popular with expats working in the financial services industry.

But while the salaries may be high, the price of everyday life is also higher than average and expats can expect to pay around six CHF for a beer (£4.86).

One expat warned newcomers that they need to “accept” the higher price of goods in Switzerland.


They said: “Don’t keep converting the price of everything into GBP from CHF all the time when you are shopping.”

Constantly converting prices could be a recipe for disaster as groceries will be a lot more expensive in Switzerland.

The expat added: “Accept that the high price of things is a factor of your higher net income.”

While it might be more expensive, most expats in Switzerland felt that the lifestyle was well worth the money.

One thought it was the perfect destination for expat families, saying: “Take advantage of the excellent local state schools which offer intensive language lessons for expat children for free.

“Young children learn languages very quickly when given support.”

In Switzerland, different areas of the country speak different languages including Swiss- German, Italian and French.

It’s important that potential expats do their research before deciding to settle down in Switzerland.

One expat said: “If moving to the Italian part, the process of obtaining a work permit might be a little more complex than elsewhere.

“It is also difficult finding information if you do not speak Italian, since everything tends to be in Italian only.”

They added: “The people are very friendly and welcoming here and the nature is just amazing.”

Switzerland is the perfect destination for keen skiers as there are so many places to take to the slopes in winter.


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