Hand luggage: Pack this one simple thing to beat Ryanair cabin baggage liquids rule

Flights these days issue very stringent rules for what can and cannot be packed in hand luggage. What’s more, low-cost carriers such as Ryanair have tough limits on carry on luggage size. It’s crucial to be a savvy packer and there are certain hacks which can make the process much easier. UK beach holiday specialist On the Beach joined forces with blogger Travel Mad Mum, Karen Edwards to create top luggage packing tips.

One of the top travel packing hacks will help those who struggle with hand luggage liquid restrictions.

Plane passengers can only take 100ml of liquids through airport security which can prove frustrating for travellers.

Buying endless miniature versions of your toiletries at the airport can prove an expensive solution.

Karen and On The Beach’s remedy for the problem is to invest in diminutive containers to transfer the liquid toiletries you already own.

“Use miniatures,” they advised. “Pouring toiletries into smaller containers will not only take up less space but will limit the weight.”

If you’re worried about liquids leaking and making a mess in your bag there’s a very cheap solution.

A top tip to deal with this is to go one step further than simply screwing the lids on things tightly.

To help with packing hand luggage liquids it’s much better to place a piece of clingfilm over the top of the bottle or jar and then close the lid firmly. 

This should minimise any spills should the worst happen during transit.

Investing in bars of soap and shampoo is also a clever way to get around the thorny problem of liquids.

As long as they are suitably wrapped they won’t make a mess and nor will you be limited with how much you can bring as they won’t be classed as liquids.

Other packing tips from Karen and On The Beach include using packing cubes.

“Not only does this help to compact clothes down more but they are a great visual guide to stop you overpacking,” they said.

“Only having one cube per person makes you more focused on what can be left behind.”

It’s also advisable to invest in vacuum bags. “For bulkier items like jackets and baby blankets, pop them in a vacuum bag and watch as it shrinks down by sucking the air out,” On The Beach and Karen recommended. “Layer them on top of each other for easy stack-packing.”

Flights introduced the hand luggage liquid allowance restrictions back in 2006. It came after British police foiled a terror plot which saw terrorists smuggling explosives in soft drink bottles.

The bottles were in their hand luggage along with a large number of batteries – which raised the alarm.

The terrorists were intending to assemble the bombs on board planes and detonate them. The aim was to kill thousands of people by blasting up to 10 transatlantic flights.

Had the terror plot succeeded it would have caused civilian casualties on an “unprecedented scale,” then-home secretary John Reid said.


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