Google Maps Street View: Users stunned by chilling photo mystery – who is this man?

Google Maps Street View photos often go viral when bizarre, funny or shocking spectacles are spotted. Viewers are fascinated by the insight the images give into other people’s lives. One image, posted on content-sharing site Reddit, has sparked much confusion.

On closer inspection of the Google Maps photo, another person can be spied.

However, there is something truly chilling about this fourth man.

He can be seen in a mirror on the left wall of the hairdresser’s shop.

The man appears to mid-stride as he walks out of the establishment.


He is wearing a black leather jacket and is pulling on a scarf.

So far, so normal, but when you cast your eyes around the rest of the shop, an unsettling realisation dawns.

The man in the mirror is nowhere to be seen in the shop at all.

He is only visible in the mirror on the wall and nowhere else.

“He is not in the store, I have looked everywhere and I can not comprehend how he is in the mirror but not in the store. (not behind the lamp, look closely).”

Fellow Redditers took to the site to share explanations for the mysterious figure.

One provided a very rational reason for what had happened in the Google shot.

“He probably just moved as the photo was being taken,” they posted.

So, what do you think the real story is?


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