Google Maps Street View locations through up a variety of locations both familiar and unfamiliar to users of the website. Many take to the site to plot particular routes, or to clue up on iconic locations, to look out for during their car journey to a particular place. The Street View teams regularly head on the roads of the world to capture up-to-date photographs, which are then beamed onto the mapping site. These, often unedited, images portray the buildings and passers by at that global spot at that particular time.

Many users of Google Maps Street View employ the mapping service without incident, visiting on an ad hoc basis and not particularly dwelling on their journey afterwards.

Yet others were eager to visit their experiences, with one user on Reddit questioning on the forum: “What creepy place have you accidentally visited using Google Maps?”

One user, based in America, was quick to reply with a surprisingly eerie tale.

It centred on a factory in Cleveland, Ohio, found on street E 120th St and Coltman Road.

Explaining why they thought the location fit the bill, they said: “I used to poke around this old abandoned factory in Ohio that was famous for having a huge collection of creepy, abandoned rubber ducks laying around.

“Sadly, the factory burned down in 2015.

“If you go on Google Maps you can still see it from the satellite view, but when you zoom in to Street View the building disappears.”

True enough, on a far angle view, users can spot the black roofed building spanning a large factory space.

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The action appears to be contained within one L-Shaped building and a separate square building.

A sun-scorched grassy patch lies in between the two, with cars parked up by the side of the road.

Yet on the third zoom click on the Street View website, the scene switches dramatically to a huge, green, overgrown grassy field.

No remnant of the factory can be spotted in a bizarre time travel experience.

One user added how Google Maps fans could get a better timeline and put: “In the black box in the top left corner, there’s a small box with the date.

“You can click that can show you different snapshots from previous years.”

Another added: “Also, if you move to the nearby Paul Avenue, you can find a creepy fallout shelter.”



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