Google Maps: Man caught in hilarious stance holding up strange objects – what are they?

Google Maps Street View is a useful tool for those hoping to take a look at the world from afar. For some people who won’t get a chance to travel far in the future, Google Maps Street View is a lifeline. By capturing panoramic views of streets all around the world, anyone can experience what it’s like to stroll around the Earth.

The scene unveiled in Visby in Gotland, an island near Sweden, on a busy shopping street.

The man appears to be excited to have spotted the Google car as he holds his hands up in the air.

The man also seems to be wearing a rather strange outfit compared to the people around him.

He is wearing loose fitting beige trousers that are too short in the leg.

He is also wearing what appears to be a waistcoat with a wooden necklace and sunglasses.

But that’s not the most strange part of this ensemble.

As he sees the Google car, he lifts up his shopping bag and a rather strange object.

The object he appears to be holding up his a bunch of carrots.

It appears the man may have been food shopping when the Google car went past and this was his way of leaving his mark.

The strange sight was captured by Google Maps in July 2011.

The post was spotted by a Reddit user who captioned the post: “Swedish Carrot Dude.”


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