My love affair with liquid eyeliner began in 2011, when I spent a worrying amount of time dressing up as my musical heroine, Amy Winehouse.

Among other things, Winehouse was known for her love of a retro silhouette, a gravity-defying beehive and two very thick, very prominent and very hard-to-ignore flicks of liquid eyeliner.

I’d etch two waves onto my eyelids (admittedly they never did really do much lining of my eyes, instead opting to tentatively quiver mid-eyelid, no matter how hard I concentrated) so squiggly they did wonders in making me look like I’d suffered quite severe bruising

Fast forward eight years and luckily the beauty industry has grown up with me; meaning today’s liquid eyeliners are refined, sleek and pared-back (not unlike myself.)

Glossier Pro Tip eyeliner (Glossier)

Glossier Pro Tip is the latest in the army of products claiming to have totally simplified emulating a feline flick. Its fine-nibbed tip paints on like a dream, think taking a fountain pen to your lash line. No panda eyes here, thank you very much

Highly pigmented, it takes just a swipe of your wrist et voila! The perfect eyeliner flick. 

Think of it as liquid eye-liner for dummies – you can’t really go far wrong here. Take it from a dummy herself.

Is this the best liquid eye-liner in the world? I’m not sure, I haven’t tried all of the liquid eye-liners in the world. 

But I can qualify that it is definitely up there, in all its idiot-proof glory. 

Glossier Pro Tip, £15, shop it here


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