Flights: Plane passenger horrified when man does this personal grooming act in aisle

Flights often see plane passengers rushing off to attend to affairs once they reach their destination. Once the seatbelt sign goes off after the plane lands, many fliers are quick to stand up. This time mostly sees travellers gathering their belongings and switching their phone back on.

However, one man was spotted doing a very bizarre act as he made the most of this window of time after flying from Melbourne to Perth in Australia.

Photos shared with depict the male plane passenger standing in the aisle of a Virgin Australia plane.

However, rather than assembling his bags and preparing to disembark, he has decided to do an activity most people would do in private.

The photos show the flier shaving his face with an electric razor.

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Passenger Belinda Sondhu who took the photos was “mortified” by the strange sight.

The man can be seen standing directly behind another male flier as he takes the razor to his face.

He appears to be paying close attention to getting that smooth feeling as he moves the razor around.

The traveller seems to show a total disregard for the feelings of those around him as he carries out the grooming act.


Shaving thus will likely leave tiny hairs falling around him on the plane and therefore affecting others.

According to Sondhu, the man even cleaned the razor at one point before going on to deal with his nose hairs.

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“The plane had just landed and the seatbelt sign came off,” Sondhu told

“As I was just watching everyone get out of their seats this man stood up took out his cordless razor from his carry-on and started shaving in the isle.

Worryingly, the man is far from alone in carrying out personal acts while travelling in front of others.

A couple were spotted in an airport lounge while the woman picked at something on the man’s nose.

Viewers have speculated that she could be tweezing a nose hair or popping a spot.

“Gross,” one person commented on Instagram where the snap was shared Another wrote “Ewwww,” and a third posted: “Wow…just wow.”

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