Five Reasons why Ultra-Light Laptops are Ideal for Students

Five Reasons why Ultra-Light Laptops are Ideal for Students

Ultrabooks are all the rage now as many laptop companies have started to design sleek and light models. Some ultra-light laptops weigh as low as 1.3 kilograms, such as the huawei matebook x pro 2020. If you are a college student, it is no wonder your laptop must be your greatest companion. If you want to upgrade and choose an ideal design for your college requirements, an ultrabook will undoubtedly prove to be the best fit. Discussed below are all of the primary reasons why you should give these sleek yet powerful laptops a chance to be your study buddies.

Easy to Carry Around the Campus

The most significant pro of an ultrabook is certainly its lightweight and slim body. College students need to rush from one room to another, attending multiple classes and workshops. In that situation, if a student’s laptop weighs considerably, it will be a nuisance to drag it from one place to another all day long.

Some medium-sized laptops weigh around 2 kilograms, but even those machines begin to annoy the carrier if they have to walk long distances the entire day. With the convenience of ultrabooks, the weight limit is reduced to 1.28 to 1.3 kgs which makes the process of carrying your laptop around the campus very easy.

Good Battery Life

It would be a college student’s worst nightmare to run out of their laptop battery with a ton of pending assignments looming over their heads like a death sentence. Writing a paper on the subway or quickly creating a presentation sitting on the bleachers are everyday activities in a college student’s life. This is why it is crucial to choose a laptop with excellent battery life so one can rely on it in emergency situations. Most ultrabook models allow the user at least 6 hours of web surfing. This time limit can be increased further with the assistance of the battery-saving mode.


Since university students are constantly struggling with loans and whatnot, purchasing a super expensive laptop is definitely not possible. However, out of the many advantages of ultrabooks, affordability is undoubtedly one of them. Depending upon the processor, the price of ultrabooks varies. Therefore, if your budget is very low, you can still manage to get an ultrabook with a Core i3 processor because it is reasonably cheap.

Student Discounts on Major Ultrabook Brands

A lot of the major companies that produce Ultrabooks, such as Apple, Microsoft, and several others, offer generous student discount deals so that students can afford a laptop easily and fulfill all their student needs. Some companies offer free gifts for students; others put up amazing discounts even up to 15%. It is ideal to keep a check on such offers if you do not have enough money saved up for an Ultrabook.


Multitasking is a given if you are a college student. However, if you ended up purchasing a model that is cheap and slow because you never thought you would have to open innumerable tabs on Chrome while writing a paper, there is still a way to fix this problem. Ultrabooks equipped with a Solid-state drive, Intel Core i7 processor, and 4 or 8 GB RAM ensures enough speed to allow the user to multitask all they want. You can open as many tabs as you want on your little Ultrabook, and it will competitively support all your needs.

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