Dumbo star's love for square sausage stops her ditching Scotland for Hollywood

Dumbo star Sharon Rooney says she’ll never ditch ­Scotland for the glamour of Hollywood – because she loves square sausage too much.

The 30-year-old from Glasgow is on a high after the live action version of Disney’s cartoon classic hit cinemas at the weekend.

Sharon, who burst on to the small screen in 2013 in E4’s My Mad Fat Diary, appears with Colin Farrell, Danny DeVito and Michael Keaton as circus performer Miss Atlantis.

Despite her taste of Hollywood glamour, she told BBC Scotland’s The Nine: “I’m too much a home bird to move to West Hollywood. I’d miss Scotland too much. Plus the sausages are square here.

The humble square sausage is plenty reason never to leave Scotland


“I just feel like that’s how a sausage should be.”

Dumbo gave the ex-Knightswood High School pupil, who also starred in BBC sitcom Two Doors Down, her first major movie role but her head isn’t in the clouds.

She said: “I’m have a screening of Dumbo with my friends and family coming up.


“I’m more scared for that than I was the premiere.

“They’ll let me know if they don’t like my singing.”

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