Duffy ‘finding it harder than she thought’ to speak about horrendous rape ordeal as she shares update

Duffy has shared an update after revealing her horrific abuse ordeal

Duffy has penned a song, after recently revealing a horrendous rape ordeal which kept her out of the spotlight.

Reaching out to Jo Whiley, the Mercy singer shared a statement on Instagram on Thursday night, hinting she’d sent a song to the radio DJ.

Saying Jo is free to play her song on the radio, Duffy continued: ‘You may have read the words I wrote a few weeks back, I do feel freer.

‘Tried to follow up with a spoken interview, but it’s harder than I thought, I will follow up in writing soon.

‘Universal Music, no one, knows I am doing this. They won’t be mad, they are lovely people.

‘So here’s a song … here’s “Something Beautiful”. It’s just something for you to play people on radio during these troubling times, if you like the song of course. If it lifts spirits.

‘I don’t plan to release it, I just thought a little something might be nice for people if they are at home, on lockdown.

‘Duffy x’


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