Cabin crew secrets: Flight attendants reveal weirdest things they’ve seen passengers do

In a recent Reddit thread, flight attendants revealed some of the weirdest things they’ve seen a passenger do on a flight – and some of the responses would shock you.

One user revealed that she frequently sees passengers walking barefoot on flights – even in one particularly unsanitary spot.

“Please please please don’t go to the bathroom barefoot. That’s not water on the ground,” she advised.

“I see it all too often and it baffles me that passengers feel so comfortable to do this.”

A second user described a particularly graphic event which took place mid-flight: “We were flying over the Atlantic with Air India and the plane hit a major air pocket, dropping rapidly.

“The drinks trolley actually rose a couple of inches off the floor, there was a scream from the toilet, but I saw this cloud of vomit rise up above the headrests for a few seconds before splashing down as we leveled off.”

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Many flight attendants have numerous passenger stories – some which aren’t so great.

Not everyone onboard behaves well or treats flight attendants with respect, and one crew member revealed that there are ways they retaliate when fliers behave inappropriately.

Former flight attendant Shawn Kathleen, creator of Passenger Shaming, shared her secret, explaining that it’s all to do with the drinks that crew will serve.

Kathleen herself had one go-to technique to exact revenge on travellers.

Kathleen explained she would never actually do anything disgusting with the drinks, though.

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“I would never spit in [someone’s] cup,” she confirmed.


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