Cabin crew spend their working days onboard planes in contact with a huge range of passengers. Consequently, they are well-used to dealing with tricky situations and knowing when unsuitable activities are going on. Certain passengers are keen to make the most of the opportunity to join the mile high club when flying on a plane. Normally this would see couples engaging in passionate clinches in the bathroom away from prying eyes and behind a locked door.

However, cabin crew member Heather Poole revealed she noticed an alarming new trend onboard.

The flight attendant made the revelation in her tell-all book Cruising Attitude.

“One thing I’ve noticed,” Poole wrote, “is that more and more mile-high members are avoiding the bathroom altogether, preferring to do the deed in their seat.

“They’ll use a blanket to cover up, giggling and wiggling in the process, making a big public spectacle of themselves.

“As soon as one of us is clued in to what might be going on, we’ll spread the word and each take turns slowly passing by their seat as we investigate the matter further.

“The couple will smile sheepishly, pretending they’re not doing what they’re oh-so-obviously doing.

“Or they might not even notice us at all until we stand at their row and loudly clear our throats.

“One flight attendant decided to make a couple’s initiation into the club a little uncomfortable by continuously walking up and down with an illuminated flashlight.”

Poole explained how serious the situation can get if passengers fail to comply.

“It’s not actually illegal to engage in sexual activity on an airplane,” she said.

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“But it is a federal offence not to comply with crew member instruction.

“What this means is if a flight attendant asks you to stop doing something, you need to stop doing it immediately or etherise face the consequences, like authorities getting called to meet the flight.”

Last month, a video of a couple who appeared to have just attempted to join the mile high club went viral. 

In the shocking footage, the toilet door opens and a man emerges wearing a red hoody and a bag strapped around his chest.

Next, a woman walks out of the toilet, also in red – meaning they had both been in the cubicle together.

Viewers were shocked by the romp that had seemingly passed between the couple. “Can you say, “Mile High Club”?!” one person wrote, while another added: “Walk of shame.”

Poole opened up about how she is often alerted that a couple is up to no good in the bathroom. 

“This usually happens after an impatient passenger has complained about waiting in line to use the lav for a long period of time.

“‘Did you knock?’ we’ll ask. Nine times out of ten they’ll ask us to do it for them. I always hate doing this because not everyone tying up the loo is having sex. Some people really just need extra time… Trust me: if someone is taking that long in the lav, most of the time it’s just best to find another bathroom.”



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