Airlines stop serving alcohol on flights making boozy plane journeys a thing of the past

RIP plane champers (Picture: Getty Images)

There’s nothing like a cold beer or mixed drink to take the edge off a long flight, but there’s every chance that this might no longer be an option, as a number of airlines have stopped offering alcohol on planes.

Delta Airlines, KLM, and American Airlines are among the carriers who have changed their rules regarding drinking on planed to ‘minimise interaction between crew and passengers.’

EasyJet, British Airways, and Virgin Atlantic will also be switching away from alcohol drinks (at least on short-haul), with passengers now only offered water on their journey.

According to CNN, the idea is to have people keep their required face masks on for longer, only removing them to have a quick hydration boost rather than keeping them off for many sips of their alcoholic beverages.

It’s also supposed to reduce queues for the toilet, and staff will be on hand to manage groups of people congregating in certain areas and guide traffic.

Say hello to H2Only at 30,000 feet (Picture: Getty Images)

Food will also be off the menu for some upcoming flights, too, although on trips where this is the case customers will be allowed to bring their own snacks and non-alcoholic refreshments.

Others – particularly when it comes to long-haul carriers – will offer pre-packaged food, without special meals or alternatives to reduce interaction.

At the moment, these are just temporary measures, but as we aren’t quite sure whether we might experience second waves or mutations of coronavirus, it’s not entirely clear when we’ll be able to enjoy a take-off bubbly once again.

If you are desperate for a cross-country bevvy, Ryanair are one of the few airlines who haven’t nixed alcoholic drinks on their planes.

Instead, if you fly Ryanair you don’t be able to get a hot drink, so get your coffees before your journey.

It may not be the luxury ‘treat’ experience we may have gotten excited before in the past, it’s one way to get us back to normal as safely and quickly as possible.

There’ll always be a Bloody Mary or Black Russian waiting for us when we reach our destination.

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