7 Best Restaurants in Sydney for a Romantic Date

7 Best Restaurants in Sydney for a Romantic Date

In Sydney, there is a large selection of elite restaurants. Many of those places have won various prestigious international awards. Our list includes not only establishments with an excellent reputation and nice service where you can try Australian food but also places that are perfect if two people in love just want to have a romantic date without spending too much money.

1. 360 Bar and Dining

The panoramic windows of the magnificent restaurant in the Sydney Tower offer fantastic and breathtaking experience. It is worth visiting at least twice: in the afternoon to enjoy the architecture, and in the evening, to enjoy the incredible game of lights below you. 360 Bar and Dining is called Sydney’s best panoramic restaurant. However, it is good not only because of the view from the window. Here you can taste delicious Australian dishes from kangaroo meat, crocodile, and possum.

2. Quay restaurant

One of Sydney’s most prestigious restaurants, Quay serves impeccable local cuisine. The famous chef Peter Gilmore creates real gastronomic masterpieces. Each item on the Quay menu is worth tasting. No less impressive is the view from the huge glass windows on the famous Sydney Opera House in full view. The restaurant has an impressive waiting list, so you should book a table in advance.

3. Tetsuya’s Restaurant

The elite restaurant of the world-famous chef Tetsuya Wakuda regularly gets into the ratings of the best not only in Sydney and Australia but throughout the world. Its uniqueness is in an impeccable combination of Japanese style, French culinary techniques, and delicious Australian products. Here you should order the famous tasting set, which reflects all three geographical directions. Tetsuya’s Restaurant is also famous for its rich wine list. It is one of the biggest in Sydney. The restaurant is considered the most expensive in Australia, and getting into it is not easy, it is better to book a table for a month in advance.

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4. The gantry restaurant

The unique location in Sydney Harbor between Harbor Bridge and the Rocks Quarter will provide you with a fantastic view for a business lunch or a romantic dinner. The Gantry Restaurant is famous for its modern and classic Australian cuisine in a high, even artistic, design. This principle is reflected in the interior of the restaurant, which you will remember. An impressive collection of local wines, including collection ones, is also impressive.

5. Bentley Restaurant & bar

The wine cellar of the modern high-end Bentley Restaurant will impress anyone. The alcohol card of the institution is considered one of the best not only in Sydney but throughout Australia. That’s why prestigious gastronomic guides regularly include Bentley on their Must Visit lists. However, the restaurant is famous not only for wine, according to locals, this is also the best place for dating a married woman because husbands never take their wives to such restaurants.

 6. Thievery

Economical tourists will be interested in stopping by the Thievery, which offers visitors a wide selection of original and inexpensive dishes. Here you can try a lot of original appetizers, served on thin toasted cakes, and hummus is considered one of the specialties in this restaurant. Popular Lebanese and Middle-Eastern dishes are also served here. Plus, a large selection of wines and soft drinks is available to visitors.

7. Cyren Bar Grill Seafood

Located near the Cockle Bay in Sydney, this restaurant is the greatest example of modern Australian dishes from fish. This is a very beautiful and vibrant place. If you are going to Australia for the first time, then you definitely should go there with your girlfriend. Many different dishes will satisfy all gastronomic wishes. By the way, the dishes here are greatly influenced by European and American dishes.

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