Zoe Ball: 'Of course!' BBC Radio 2 host speaks about ex-husband Fatboy Slim live on-air

Zoe Ball and Fatboy Slim, real name Norman Cook, tied the knot in August 1999 but the pair, who share two children together, briefly split in 2003.

They later reconciled but eventually announced their separation after 18 years together.

And Zoe had him on her mind today as she spoke about DJs to co-star, Richie Anderson.

Richie revealed he would be in Birmingham at the weekend to DJ. 

Zoe said to his co-star: “What did you ask Graham and I just now?”

He replied: “Do I have to bring my own earphones?”

“You’re a DJ of course you need to bring your own headphones!” Zoe answered.

“I turn up here and they have headphones for us,” Richie said back.

“This is a radio show,” Zoe replied.

Mentioning her ex-husband, Zoe said: “DJ’s of the world, do you think Fatboy Slim wants to wear Carl Cox’s sweaty headphones?

“You’ve got to take your own!”

Elsewhere, Zoe will be back presenting Strictly Come Dancing spin-off, It Takes Two, very soon.

The star addressed returning to TV on her radio programme earlier in the week.

The presenter revealed she was getting ready for the show by keeping an eye on her weight.

Zoe told listeners she wants to get back into shape because she’s got to stand next to “gorgeous dancers”.

The mother-of-two divulged: “Strictly is almost upon us. That means everything kind of goes out of the window for the next three months.

“So I’ve got four weeks people, to lose a bit of weight, maybe. Because I’ve got to stand next to all those gorgeous dancers.”

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Zoe asked fans to help her steer clear of any unhealthy foods by shouting at her if they see her buying any sugary snacks.

She said: “I’ve got to get myself fighting fit for it really. So if you see me in a garage or a service station – buying anything of the unhealthy variety you can just go, ‘Oi, Ball… no!’”

Strictly Come Dancing returns to BBC One on September 7.


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