Zodiac Turn Ons: This Is Your Biggest Turn On, According To Your Star Sign

Your star sign can tell you a lot about yourself — it can reveal things about your personality, your career, your love life. But did you know that there are specific zodiac turn ons? That’s right — your star sign can also be a factor in what you find attractive.

A new study conducted by sex-positive dating app Pure found that there are a few patterns when it comes to what each star finds attractive in a potential partner — both in and out of the bedroom. Libras, for instance, have a thing for artsy dates, while Tauruses can’t help but fall for film buffs. And apparently, some star signs are turned on by role playing and sex in hotel rooms, while others tend to prefer to keep things a little more traditional.

We spoke to Anna Hintsyak, Pure’s relationship expert, to find out more about the study and what it means for everyday relationships.

How did you conduct this study?

“Pure boasts a monthly active user base of over 500,000 individuals who provide their date of birth during onboarding, enabling us to determine their zodiac signs,” Hitsyak says. “As users are prompted to list their turn-ons in their profiles, we utilised this data to compare and identify the most and least common turn-ons associated with certain zodiac signs.”

The key zodiac turn-ons

  • Aries: croissants, kisses, FWB, public places, tattoos and piercings
  • Taurus: breakfast, kisses, been to therapy, FWB, scents, film buff
  • Gemini: sapiosexuality, being a sub, breakfast, role-play, butt-play
  • Cancer: being a sub, chocolate, being a dom, massage, film buff, butt-play
  • Leo: being a dom, role-play, croissants, chocolate, striptease
  • Virgo: home video, oral sex, striptease, croissants, being a dom, sexting
  • Libra: been to therapy, artsy dates, foot fetish, hotel, being watched, sexting
  • Scorpio: dirty talk, sexting, fantasies, been to therapy, hotels, cosplay
  • Sagittarius: croissants, board games, music, bushes, literature, cuckold
  • Capricorn: music, hotels, film buff, striptease, board games, foot fetish
  • Aquarius: biting, tattoos & piercings, sapiosexuality, FWB, biting, croissants
  • Pisces: tattoos & piercing, being a sub, music, FWB, public places, choking

Does this mean certain star signs that are compatible based on their turn-ons?

As Hitsyak explains, the answer is: sometimes. After all, certain people may not be turned on by the things that are typical of their star sign.

However, if you and your partner are attracted to the common turn ons, you can use the data from the study to see if your turn ons match up. In some cases, having the same sexual turn on can help you and your partner — for instance, if you are both turned on by role-playing, that’s something you can enjoy together. In other cases, two turn ons might match up — for instance, if you are attracted to film buffs, you might match well with someone with other artistic turn ons like literature or music.


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