Zendaya used this unexpected £2 accessory to level up her ballerina bun

Last night, Zendaya wrapped her round-the-world press tour for her new film, Challengers, with the final premiere in Los Angeles.

Along the way, the actor has given us a hair colour transformation from a deep chocolatey brunette to a brand new (and very, very shiny) penny coloured blonde. She’s also served up fantasy Disney princess lengths, smart chignons, the most jaw-dropping XXL braided ponytail, and a Grace Kelly-inspired soft wave bob. So, obviously, we couldn’t wait to see what Z and her hair stylist, Ursula Stephen, would sign us out with.

For the occasion, Ursula created a look she described as “a ballerina bun, undone, accompanied by airy, whimsical texture.” The look plays into the cute balletcore beauty trend that’s continuing to recruit fans. But beyond that, it offers up a pretty and practical style for us to add to our line-up (one that even works like a dream on greasy hair days).

Luckily for us, we were able to tap up Ursula for a breakdown on everything she did to achieve the look for Zendaya. Notably, Ursula made use of a retro hair hack – the humble hair donut – to give the style extra oomph.

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Here’s how to get Zendaya’s undone ballerina bun…


“First, we started with clean, damp hair and added SexyHair Healthy Blowout Crème throughout the hair to prep for hair that will last all night,” says Ursula.

Blow dry

“Then, I blow dried for a straight sleek finish with volume at the roots.”


“Next, I added a couple of Skinny Clip-Ins from The Hair Shop at the crown of the head to create more hair and volume for an up-do,” Ursula says.


“I then grabbed all of the hair into a ponytail and secured with a bungee, and twisted and pinned the hair into a donut,” she said.


Finally, “I sprinkled the Big SexyHair Powder Play Volumising & Texturising Powder along the hairline and nape area, and used my fingertips to roll the hair in a circular motion to create a fuzzy, airy, ‘dishevelled’ texture,” says Ursula.

So there you have it, the hair donut is the secret accessory that will level-up your ballerina bun.

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