‘You’ve Broken My Heart’: Can Dee Forgive Rogan For His ‘Cutthroat’ Conniving On The Challenge?

As Johnny Bananas once astutely observed: “All is fair in love, war and The Challenge,” and on the show’s most recent episode, romance, for one, was certainly put to the test.

On the latest War of the Worlds 2 installment, during which the show’s remaining players began to feel the pressure of approaching the final mission, Rogan, who’d been hooking up with Dee through the bulk of the competition, began to have second thoughts about the Australian’s physical abilities. If Rogan could picture his ideal final-mission team, he said, it probably wouldn’t include Dee, whom he noted had recently passed out and been hospitalized after jogging just a couple of laps around the pool.

“Despite my feelings, and despite really liking the girl…there’s only so much you can do for someone,” he said. “I’m not gonna f*cking drag someone to the final and have to drag her over the finish line…Feelings aside, I think it’s time to cut Dee.”

“I just want to get rid of our weakest player…it’s time to be cutthroat,” he added.

And so, Rogan cut a deal with the American members of his alliance — he appealed to Paulie, insisting that if the Brits threw the mission, the alliance would help throw Dee to the wolves without implicating Rogan exclusively. And, somewhat surprisingly, Paulie agreed.

CT, who’d been waiting for an opportunity to publicly declare an allegiance to Paulie and Cara’s alliance, took it upon himself to intentionally lose the day’s challenge, an obstacle course trailing behind a moving speedboat called “Escape to Freedom,” for Team U.K. and on behalf of Rogan. And when it came time for the losing group to vote its first woman to The Proving Ground, The Brits nominated Tori, the game’s first woman to defect from The Americans to Team U.K., sure she could take out Dee without breaking a sweat.

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(Tori, who’d just returned from the most recent women’s elimination round, and who’d been given no warning, was none too pleased.)

And though everything seemed to be going according to plan, Rogan began to buckle under the guilt of his scheming as the group prepared for the coming battle. Rogan said he wouldn’t feel comfortable if the American Tribunal — Kam, Leroy and Nany — blindsided Dee with a vote to the Proving Ground.

So again, CT bit the bullet and spilled the beans to Dee as a means to demonstrate loyalty. Unsurprisingly, though, Dee didn’t take the news well and broke down into hysterics as she swore Rogan off and lamented the collapse of what she concluded had been a fake relationship.

“This hurts, because I thought my friends were loyal to me and had my back the whole entire time,” she said. “You guys have broken my trust…you’ve broken my heart.”

“I stuck my neck out for that motherf*cker. I’m so dumb! I’m so stupid!” she added, as she cried into Ninja’s arms.

When it came time for the Tribunal to cast their votes, though, another curve ball wound past the plate: It was Jenny that Leroy and Kam chose to serve as Tori’s opponent, and in “Hall Brawl,” though she was outsized, Tori took Jenny out with one of the most decisive body slams the game has ever seen.

Confused? We were too, but Rogan explained that, at the last second, his emotions convinced him to spare Dee.

“An overwhelming sense of guilt stops me,” Rogan said. “I just can’t do it today.”

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But what do you think: Are Rogan and Dee done for good, and has he done too much damage to his hookup buddy to earn back her trust? Or was his eleventh-hour sparing of Dee enough to redeem him, and is there a chance these two can get back on track? Share your thoughts, and see how this acerbic affair progresses Wednesday at 9/8c!


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