You Won't Believe the Kitchen Item Bella Thorne Uses to Dye Her Hair

Bella Thorne, New York Fashion Week 2019


When it comes to dyeing her hair, Bella Thorne is all about taking a unique approach.

The 21-year-old star’s secret to lighter, brighter locks? Beer. 

That’s right! Contrary to popular belief, she doesn’t spend hours upon hours at a five-star salon in Beverly Hills. Celebs, they’re just like us!

If anything, she dyes her hair with beer wherever alcohol is allowed. Case in point: On Monday, March 18, the Thorne by Bella beauty mogul dyes her hair with a Corona outside a hotel pool area.

Thankfully, for all the DIY peeps, she takes to Instagram to demonstrate how easy it is to dye your hair with a cold brewski.

“For everyone harassing yes it’s beer,” she begins in her caption, alongside a video of her in a red bikini getting beer poured all over her tresses. “It naturally lightens ur hair and people say it’s good for u.”

The Famous in Love actress says, because of her accessible beauty trick, she’s saving a “trip to the salon.”

“My next film my hair has to be hunny blonde, saving me a trip to the salon,” she explains.

But before you raise your eyebrows, know that this method isn’t so far-fetched. Many beauty experts affirm that beer works wonders on the hair for multiple reasons, including lightening it, fighting frizz, adding volume and making it shiny.

In fact, Bella isn’t the only celeb who uses beer for her light brown tresses. Catherine Zeta-Jones swears by this beauty trick, saying “it’s very good for the hair.”

Although many praise beer as a great hair treatment, it’s probably best to speak with your hairstylist before you start experimenting with the alcoholic beverage.


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