You season 2 plot hole: Could Joe have used a nanny cam to find out who killed Delilah?

However, some fans think he could have used the nanny cam to discover who killed Delilah instead of heading on a wild goose chase in the final two episodes.

On Twitter, one perplexed fan wrote: “Didn’t he say he has a nanny cam installed when Delilah broke into his cage???? Why couldn’t he use that to find out who the killer was!!!!”

A second also thought they’d spotted the plot hole, saying: “It’s infuriating asf [as f***] that Joe ain’t using the nanny cam to figure out the murder. The SAME ONE that he used to catch Delilah creepin’.”

While a third echoed: “I want to know why he didn’t check his nanny cam for who killed Delilah.”


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