You have 20/20 vision if you can spot Rudolph and his red nose in under five seconds

It’s December 1 and the country is revving up for a jolly Christmas period in just over three weeks’ time. To make the festive mood even more fun, a Christmas brainteaser challenges players to find the hidden Rudolph with a red nose.

Can you see him? He’s standing among a sea of reindeer faces all looking similar. The optical illusion shared by a UK-based online printing company, instantprint, has hidden Rudolph well, as they all don Santa hats draped with lights.

The red background and the hats make it hard to spot his classic red nose. But, if your eyes are sharp enough, you will find Rudolph. And if your vision is really crystal clear, you’ll be able to pick him out in under 12 seconds.

Have you found him yet? Have a closer look on your left side and you may be able to see that red nose hidden among the reindeers.

If you’re still baffled, scroll down for the answer.

How long will it take you to find? Only one in three people are able to find it in less than five seconds, so if you can beat that record you definitely have bragging rights among your friends. So set the timer, and have a go.

Completing puzzles, optical illusions and brain teasers regularly can help improve your cognitive abilities, boost your memory and problem-solving skills – and some claim it can even help fend off dementia.


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