You can now get paid to defend people against online trolls

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An online local services marketplace has launched a ‘troll slaying’ service for people who would like some extra support on social media.

The service was launched after an increasing concern about how online ‘trolls’ are affecting the mental health of social media users.

So, members of the public can either pay to have someone defend them online, or get paid to help defend others who are receiving online abuse.

The service has been launched on to help reduce the amount of negativity online and support those who are being targeted.

People who sign up to the service to help defend others will be known as ‘troll slayers’, and they can be hired by anyone who finds themselves the target of online abuse, or who is worried about being targeted on social media.

The service has been launched in response to statistics which show that trolling and cyberbullying affects more than two-fifths of young people, and nearly three-quarters of respondents think social media sites don’t do enough to safeguard their users.

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Members of the public who are looking to hire a troll slayer can speak to their online confidant about particular issues close to their heart and how they wish to be defended.

The estimated price for the service is £15 an hour based on similar services, but much like with all services on the provider will set the price.

Troll slayers will set up instant communication with their clients so they can be alerted when they have been targeted online.

Of course, not just anyone can be a troll slayer. You have to have some experience with social media, and be willing to give it your all.

To sign up as a troll slayer, you should be a regular user of social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, and be able to navigate popular blogging platforms like WordPress.

It’s also important to note that you won’t be able to use any abusive language or troll anyone yourselves.

Kai Feller, co-founder, said: ‘It’s never good to see someone targeted online for their views. In society today, there is a huge expectation to be on social media, despite the fact that we know it isn’t always the friendliest of places.

‘We’re hoping that our service providers can restore a bit of balance online and make social media a place for constructive comment and debate again.’

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