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Wu-Tang Clan 'Shaolin' Xbox Video Game Rumors – HYPEBEAST

A plethora of new information on Shaolin, the Xbox video game rumored to heavily involve Wu-Tang Clan, was revealed via Insider Gaming.

The publication reports that the game is currently in its Alpha stage (the first phase of software testing) and will be a third-person, melee-oriented RPG with a four-player co-op. Players will have the option to choose one out of four weapons that each have different designs and playstyles, while all the Wu-Tang members will be playable characters “and act as the player’s limited-time buff that will give you ultimate moves, increased health, and more.” Shaolin will also feature a centralized social hub dubbed the “Neighborhood,” where players will be able to sell their gathered loot from their defeated enemies, listen to music and show off their characters. An open-world gameplay also seems to be in the books.

Wu-Tang Clan’s catalog will be reimagined by Just Blaze for the game, with the synergy of music and combat reportedly having a strong focus.

Brass Lion Entertainment is supposedly developing the game and aims to provide a “welcome space for all players,” with many characters inspired by BIPOC and historically marginalized communities. Gameplay viewed by Insider Gaming also noted that the animation style is “bright, colorful, and anime-like in style,” comparing it to Into the Spider-Verse.

Stay tuned for more info and official announcements.


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