World War Z game Nintendo Switch release date: Saber drops HUGE handheld hint

Nintendo Switch fans could be in for a treat soon, as World War Z developer Saber hints at a handheld port.

Inspired by Left 4 Dead, World War Z is a third-person co-op shooter in which players battle hordes of undead zombies.

The zombie shooter is out now on PS4, Xbox One and PC, but are there any plans for a Switch port?

Speaking exclusively to Express Online, creative director Oliver Hollis-Leick said that the studio is interested in bringing the game to the platform.

Asked about a possible Switch port, Hollis-Leick said: “All I can say is at this point is that our boss Matt [Karch] is a massive fan of the Switch and he will do anything to bring our games to that platform. So if it’s possible, we will do it.”

While World War Z isn’t the most visually striking game around, it’s possible the Nintendo Switch would be able to handle the game’s Swarm engine.

The Swarm engine allows for upwards of 500 enemies to appear on screen at one time.

As Hollis-Leick points out, getting the zombie hordes right was the biggest challenge during development.

“The swarms were a real beast to get working,” Hollis-Leick continues. “The way those swarms work is that they look like, on first glance, that they’re an effect and are all on a pre-programmed trajectory, but actually, it’s the AI system.

“You can think of them a bit like a school of piranha fish. They sense the food, they know where the player is, and they’ll do anything to get to that player.

“They’re capable of pyramiding up on top of each other and even throwing themselves off buildings. They’ll move as a network until they encounter the players, and then they’ll break off and start attacking as individuals.”

The World War Z co-op campaign takes players to Moscow, Tokyo, Jerusalem and New York, with new maps expected to be added after launch.

World War Z also includes a selection of player-vs-player-vs-zombies modes, including King of the Hill and Domination.

The game has received mixed reviews since launch, and has experience some online issues.


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