Wonder Woman game is a cross between God of War and Crackdown claims source

More Wonder Woman content could be released during The Game Awards December 8 (Picture: WB Games)

Monolith’s Wonder Woman game supposedly features combat reminiscent of Spider-Man 2 and her famous invisible jet for fast travel.

Although it was announced back in 2021, there’s still not much official information about Monolith’s upcoming Wonder Woman game, other than it’s a single-player open world title by the team behind Shadow Of Mordor.

Recent rumours suggested it’s been converted into a live service game, in accordance with Warner’s general plans for their games business, but they’ve since denied that and have insisted it is a traditional single-player title.

That certainly seems to be the case according to a new leak, which compares the game to both God Of War: Ragnarök and long forgotten Xbox exclusive Crackdown.

God Of War always did seem like an appropriate touchstone for the character, given her abilities and connection to Greek mythology, but according to Nick ‘Shpeshal Nick’ Baker, of Xbox Era, that’s not the only game it’s reminiscent of.

Baker claims that, ‘Wonder Woman is currently 30fps like Gotham Knights, but they’re pushing for 60fps and hopefully they’ll have a performance mode.’

That doesn’t really tell you much, and Gotham Knights isn’t the most encouraging game for anything to be compared to, but his source also claims that there’s a loot system that is very similar to God of War: Ragnarök.

Supposedly, Wonder Woman’s famously invisible jet will also be used to fast travel and that ‘jumping, leaping, and fast-dashing feels really cool. Like a good version of Crackdown’.

One of the few official details we know is that it will also use the Nemesis System from Shadow Of Mordor, where defeated enemies remember you and hold a grudge, but exactly how that will work in the context of a Wonder Woman game is unclear.

It’s also claimed that Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth ‘feels good to use, like Spider-Man’s web, and you can wrap it around people and slam them.’

It’s not clear if it’ll make people tell the truth when wrapped around them, but you’d assume so, given the obvious benefits that’d have for storytelling and interrogation.

Of course, none of this is official, but the game was originally announced at The Game Awards and so there’s a decent chance it will be at this year’s ceremony too, on December 8 at 1am GMT.

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